the search?

And so… what else is new?  Not much I guess.

The threesome breakfast ride to Yik Mun on Sunday 23rd Oct was a much needed come back for me after almost four months of ride-free weekends.

The weekend of 29th October was an extended weekend, with Deepavali falling on Sunday the 30th.  Three days would have been ideal for a two-nighter across the border.  I had that in mind, but too bad there are no other takers.  So, it was a long weekend at home for me, except for short ride cum get-together to celebrate the wedding of Adi Lazarus (on Satuday evening), a friend from the SBM heydays.  Met up with many old friends and acquaintances from the now defunct SBM Forum.

“Orang Kuat” SBM – Sherman, Syed, Drifter, Datuk K and CJ.

After the wedding reception, some of us re-kindled an old time tradition (which is now few a far apart), the TTS.  Note:  this particular event held us back until 3:00am (Sunday morning).

That was on Saturday 30th Oct.  However, this posting is not about that.  This is yet another “breakfast ride” story… :-)… a week later.

Back to the routine questions on our small chat group – UOMO Bikers on whatsapp.

“Who’s up for breakfast ride on Saturday?”

Two responded.  Mzac and Ajizizi.  With me, that’ll be three of us.  Again, with no particular destination set, we agreed to RV at RnR Sg. Buloh by 8:00am.  A bit early than usual as I had to be home before noon (to see my dotter off to the airport).

Saturday, 5th Nov.  I was first to arrive at RnR Sg Buloh, few minutes before 8.00am.  There were lots of bikes; with no place to stop, I decided to make another round the parking area and stop to wait for Mzac and Ajizizi near the entrance of the parking area.

Overlooking the parking area of RnR Sg Buloh

Just a few moment later, Mzac arrived.  I told him that I will go to the petrol station to fill up and wait there while he should wait a the RnR for Ajizizi.

As I was finishing fuelling the R1, to my pleasant surprise Faizal appeared at the station.  It was indeed a pleasant surprise as Faizal had said he could not join due to other commitments.  Apparently he has made some adjustments… hehehehe.  A bit later, we welcomed yet another pleasant surprise!  Zack has been silence in the chat group.  But lo and behold, he turned up at this RV place to join us for this short ride.  To top it all, Zack was on duty today… and he said he told to colleagues “I’m going out for breakfast, then will go underground (Zack works with a company dealing with the LRT/MRT and would from time to time go underground, physically, to do troubleshooting tasks).

L-R:  Mzac, Zack, Ajizizi & Faizal

So, there we were.  Five of us with no idea where we wanted to go to, hahahaha….  But after a quick deliberation, we agreed to head to Kuala Kubu Baru and take a chance on any makan place that we come across.



A fellow biker doing a solo ride to Haadyai on his Honda FB6

So there we were, five matured men, on our almost regular Saturday (sometimes Sunday) ride looking for a place to do not only breakfast, but more importantly to meet up and continue with our silaturrahim.

The shootout:  Kawi Z1000SX, Suzi GSX1000RR, Yammy R1, KTM Superduke R, Aprillia RSV850

There was nothing special about the makan place in Kuala Kubu Baru town that we finally stopped to have our breakfast.  It’s a mamak restaurant…

Garden breakfast…. hehehe..
Two different person, two different prices… mamak oh mamak…. hehehehe…

Apart from the usual chat… you know, current issues and reminisce on memories, we talked about a particular special subject today – Ajizizi shopping for a new bike 🙂  He just sold his GSA recently and is looking for a replacement touring bike.  And as we deliberated on what would the best bike for him, Faizal mentioned that the BMW showroom in Glenmarie was having an open day today with bikes for test ride.  So, after getting back from the ride, three of us (Mzac, Ajzizi & I) headed to the showroom (free ice-cream, coffee, snacks… 🙂 ).

The R1200RT is high on Ajizizi’s shortlist for his next bike.  So he tested it…. his verdict?  Go test a different model… hehehehe…

Well, we’ll know what his pick would be, maybe not in a distant future.  My take is, whatever Ajizizi choose to buy, it will be the best bike for him… right?

But… what about this?  🙂

Wait and see…. wait and see….. hehehehe….


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