bringing breakfast into riding

And the story as it was, is this:-

Some of the guys have been quite active since I last rode with them – which was way back before the Ramadhan month.

In fact, I rode last during the Ramadhan month, when I did a solo ride – balik kampung.  That was really an experience…. riding and fasting at the same time.  The story? maybe in a different posting

Solat at Masjid in Paloh

So, work-life has been quite imbalance for me since after idul-fitri.  Weekends became a true rest day, lazing at home or running chores with the family.  These are things that most of the time dictate our life away from work, i.e. on weekends and off days.

Anyway, gotta make time for the rides 🙂  Especially after more than three months of hiatus.

So again, unplanned and sort of last minute.  Friday (21st Oct), late evening I asked this on our UOMO Bikerz Whatsapp group:  “Saper nak late brekfast kat mana esok?” to which Mzac responded:  “Hari Ahad ler Hj. Sab.. kita gi b/fast”.

Thus, early Sunday morning (23rd October), Mzac was already at one of one usual rendezvous location – RnR Sungai Buloh Northbound.  When I got there, there were lots of bikes.  Glad to know that the biking scene is alive and flourishing here in Malaysia.

Mzac’s steed.. taken by him while waiting for me/us.

I thought this was gonna be a two bikes affair.  But what a pleasant surprise it was when Idrus also joined, despite not giving any response or indication when I asked in our chat group.  Now, the immediate problem would be…. where do we want to go to?  hahahaha…. when it comes to food destination, none of us three know where to go.  Of course we know of a few makan place, but those are the “normal” kind of places – no specialty.  Anyway, finally we decided to go to Tanjong Malim (the famous Yik Mun pau resataurant).  I hesitated initially as I know Mzac already went there the previous weekend.

So, we got out of the RnR at around 8.45am, exiting into Rawang and trudged through the low-way (as opposed to the hiway… hehehehe).  The old trunk road from Rawang to Tanjung Malim has always been more interesting to ride, whether you are on a sports, street, touring or any genre of bike. We arrive the Yik Mun restaturant slightly less than an hour later.  There were already a group of bikers there enjoying their breakfast.

Breakfast was quite hefty:  two half-boiled eggs, a set of roti bakar (toast) and a pau for each of us. In fact, Mzac and I had some hard time to finish the serving…. but not Idrus, he was okay in that department…. 🙂

Idrus… listening attentively to donno what Mzac was storying about 🙂

Well, that was that.  We decided to leave after finishing our big breakfast (for me, at least it was big) and when a new group of bikers arrived – to make way for them as some could not get a place to sit.

We decided to go back via the hiway.  While Mzac exited at Kota Damansara, Idrus and yours truly made a quick visit to AjiKTM’s bikeshop (at Putra Heights – MX Motorsports).  His riding activity has been a bit limited as his shop opens on Saturdays and Sundays.  Thus, the visit.

Caption?  go ahead…. hihihihi…

And…. all was well that ended well.

All in all, this “breakfast ride” is a swell activity to keep our bikes out of the selimut.  And, I would think that any ride will eventually end with makan anyways… or, would stop at a makan place… so, long live breakfast ride!


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