Scooters. One genre that’s not only practical but makes sense – for most part due to age factor hahahaha… err.. OK… on  a serious note, scooters are convenient.  Apart from the obvious auto-transmission of scooters, most offer ample storage underneath the seat.  And no worries about dry chains – just need to remember to change the belting after every 15,000km at the very least (though some can even go further, up to 30,000km if the nature of usage is mild).

Well… There are few amongst SBMers that have added scooters in the stables.  In particular, the SYM GTS200 or the newer version, VTS200.  No significant difference between the two specs-wise except for a few cosmetics upgrades. Elsewhere in the world, this scoot is also known as SYM Joyride.  The GTS/VTS200 offered here is the 171.2cc carbureted.

SMOGers are members of SMOG – an acronym for SBM SYM Owners Group.  Officialy (errr… not really official in the sense that we are registered with the R.O.S), the group came in into being somewhen in May2011 after a few scooterist within SBM started to get together on weekend rides.  We sort of came up with this idea of forming a group… and it would only makes sense to name this group.  Thus SMOGers.

While there has been few rides before the name was coined, I’d say that the first official ride would be the “Yik Mun Ride” on Sunday 12th June 2011.  Yik Mun Restaurant is a popular haunt for bikers, especially the big boys, located in Tanjung Malim.  Nothing really that special, but it offers variety of “pau”.  And the route from KL offers fun twisties….


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