to all the bikers anywhere….

hopefully one day I can write a book – a memoir if not anything else… to share each moment, each ride, each memory of the small portion of my life that I dedicate to riding bikes…

briefly, my first two wheels was a bicycle bought by my Ayah when I was a mere five year old many many years ago.  It was rather unique (at the time) as the bike could be split into two (only god knows for what reason!).

many years later, after I thrashed Ayah’s Honda C70 (more than once!!!), he bought me a Suzuki TS100 scrambler ~ as a gift for my good results in MCE and getting to further my studies in the institution of higher learning…hehehehe…  it was  a big deal then…

From then on, my passion for two wheels has stuck and has become an integral part of my life.  In restrospective, I’d say I enjoy riding more than anything else on wheels…. and this is my story on two wheels…




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