Lomang ohh lomang…

All new route… at least for everyone else…. but not for Zack.  Apparently the route is his secret playground.  Well after today, its no secret no more.  🙂

So, again… this was how the story goes.

After last week’s last minute (so, what else is new… hehehehe) breakfast unplanned ride, I thought I’d give everyone a head start of the yet-another-weekend-outing with the boys.

Thus, on Tuesday a blast in the WhatsApp group attracted favourable response – from the usual riders of course.  The only request was to go South instead of our past few rides whereby we went North.  It was agreed that we RV at RnR Dengkil South bound as usual (by 8.30am).  And tentatively, we will be having breakfast at Port Dickson.

Saturday, 12th Nov.  As usual, Mzac was early.

Me… had a bit of trouble with the GSA.  The battery was weak and I could not get it to start. Alhamdulillah after a bit of effort, she purrs.  But I was already late 😦

Zack, Mzac and Nox was waiting quite a bit when I got to the Shell station.  And Faizal informed the group that he would meet up with us after Nilai’s exit. Errr…. wait… Nilai exit?  And I thought we were going to PD via Sepang?  Apparently not, as I learned.

And so, Zack led the pack through the new LEKAS hiway, exiting at Ampangan if I remember correctly… then again, I maybe wrong as I was merely following the leader…. hehehe…  anyway, at around 9.30am, we arrived our destination (of which I had no clue at all while following Zack’s lead), the Lomang Apak stall located in Kuala Pilah.

The only thing was, they did not have any lemang… the lemang guy wasn’t around today… hahahaha… but the other food was good though… everyone had a fair share of itek masak lemak cili api, pisang goreng, pau, keli goreng… of course with nasi puteh or nasi lemak.  Later, we had penganan basah and wajik basah… for desert…. superlicous !!! 

The roundtable late breakkie a.k.a brunch

The roundtable talk revolves around the food, in particular the itek masak lomak cili api, as well as our common interest, food… hahahaha… but seriously, we would always exchange thoughts on general matters, mostly subject related to biking, life, health and friends…. err.. at least that’s what I think we talked about… hehehehe…

Since there were no lemang at this place, we stopped at another stall along our return leg of the ride. This Lomang Waris is located in Terachi, Kuala Pilah.

The only concern if anyone would have with this stall is, they do not really cater for eating in.  I guess most customers do a take away.  But, their lemang and rendang was quite tasteful.

There was only this one table, and that many chairs as can be seen here in the photo – apparently not enough for the five of us.  but, we could still enjoy the lemang with rendang just fine… Not sure how the next group (of more than ten bikers whom stopped here as we were finishing up) managed the set-up…
“I’ve got your six bro..”
Right opposite the lemang stall is this historical wonder – the Megalithic Site


It is however in a sorry state.  Though (seemed) gazetted as a historical (maybe) site by Malaysia’s Museum and Antiquity Department, the site looked as if it is abandoned and could also have been vandalised (I see a few broken stones).  Obviously if is still “active”, the site is not maintained – grass and overgrowth not trimmed, the fencing is… rusted and unkept… does not serve any purpose at all. Maybe this place does not have that big of a historical effect?  I would really like some archaeologist or historian do some research on it… this place could hold some historical significance…

Anyway… back to our weekend bike outing story.

Zack suggested we stop by the “donut and soup kambing” stall near Kota Seriemas in Nilai on our way back.   The last time I was here (on a breakfast ride) was three years ago (my oh my… how time flies…).  “We could also meet up with Ghaz there….” remarked Zack.

So, just before Zuhur we arrive at the stall.  After a few calls unsuccessful call, Ghaz finally answered. However he was on his way to Penang… so no meet up this time around.  Next time Ghaz… 🙂

Everyone was already “full” after the nasi with itek and lomang and whatnots….  full to the point it was a bit hard for us to finish one donut cut five ways…. hehehehe…

however, one of us ordered this tasty mee soup and really enjoyed finishing it…

The day was getting scorching hot suddenly…. and it looked like rain was coming.  So we waited it out, and it really rained for a good half an hour or so…. As soon as the rain stopped, we bid adieu…. until our next ride, of course…

the fresh oren dgn asamboi was really refreshing…


Look look… kerbau lintas jalan 🙂

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