…maiden ride?

True….. absolutely true.  In all my years of superbiking, I’ve never actually rode all the way up to Genting Highlands!  The few trips I’ve made up that  “must do”  route for any bikers in this neck of wood have only been to Awana – the cable-car station.  That has now change.  I’ve ridden all the way up today!  well done me! hehehehehe…..

Well…. the ever popular Awana stretch has not been my preferred route.  More so if its on Sunday.  However when Sam casually asked (last nite during SBM’s TTS @ Showru) if we, that’s me and Knizy, would care to accompany him to Genting – on the pretext of running-in his new RC8R-LE (dang!  lots of alphabets!) – I thought to myself  “this would good… a relaxed and slow paced Saturday ride…”.

So, we met up at BhP Gombak around 10.00am…. with me still feeling sleepy… as its been a while since I got to do high adrenalin xtvt on weekends!  Normally, it was just lazing at home… 🙂   And I was eager to see the brand spanking new KTM…. so sweeeeeetttttttt !!!

There were five of us…. me, Sam, Knizy and two new friends Jeff (R1) + Azizi (R6).   Of course I’ve known and ridden with both sam & Knizy a few times before on SBM’s rides.

And as ‘planned’, the ride was relaxed ~ free and easy of sort…. but still (I for one) did pushed it here and there especially at corners and turns  🙂  But nothing too fancy as I am… indeed… getting rusty… hahahahahaha….  Alhamdullillah, we arrived safely atop the highland.  At the usual biker’s pitstop ~ the coffee bean ~ we were greeted by quite a number of fellow enthusiasts whom arrived earlier….

Azizi was kind to buy coffee + toast and the likes for us…. jazakallah!  Stories shared…. tips and advise exchanged… and before you know it, it was already noon. 

The trip back was also relaxed yet enjoyable – especially the Karak hiway to Gombak leg…. nothing fancy, just your normal weekend ride….. and after a brief stop at Gombak (after the) toll, everyone headed their own way….

my ever trusted lid



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