Ride, makan, go back (+service the R1)

It was almost a non-ride today.

Up until midnight last night, the responses were somewhat lukewarm. But this is not uncommon. Especially so this is an extended weekend.

But as (almost) usual, Mzac would (almost) always obliged my invitation to a ride. It would have been another two-bike ride… if not for Zack whom asked to wait for him when I declared the RV location early today morning.

So, there I was, at Shell RnR Dengkil around 8.45am today. Five minutes later Zack arrived, followed by Mzac soon after.

One thing remains though… where do we go from here? Hahahaha… we didn’t really have a destination set. Zack suggested we go to Kuala Pilah… but before that… Tightened some loose parts on Zack’s ride (must have been riding at lunch lightning speed… the fairing came loose)… hahahaha…

Today’s ride was most casual. Exiting at Nilai, we took the LEKAS Highway towards Kuala Pilah. But we didn’t quite reach Kuala Pilah.

The makan was at a new place (for us) called D’Sawah, in Hulu Bendul. All three had nasi lemak with rendang daging. Most delicious.

This is the place… Not far from the Hulu Bendul picnic area (after, if going towards Kuala Pilah from Pajam/Nilai).

It was a cloudy day, yet it felt hot. We chitchat for a while after finishing our meal. With no particular plans to go elsewhere, we headed back.. it was around 11am I think when we moved out from the makan place.

Made a quick stop on the “highest bridge” to take some photos…

We parted ways along the highway… Zack and Mzac headed straight home while I made a stop over at MX Motorsports (AjiKTM’s shop).

Gave the R1 an oil & filter change. Note, mileage is 33+ kilometers.

While Aji was doing it, I snoozed !

Well that was the half day ride. Zack called it “Ride Charging the Battery”… I call it “Ride, makan and go back” 😁

Thanks guys for another swell outing.


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