The Flu Ride…

I was on a short break. Returning to Malaysia on Wednesday and flying back to Sihanoukville on Sunday.  And heads up were given to my riding buddies in our WhatsApp group (UOMO Bikerz). I definitely have to ride. 🙂 So, a ride was planned (by Man Morini) to Bukit Sagil in Melaka.  Man has recently became active with our group after the demise of SBM (biking forum – where most of us met as biker friends)

However, I came down with cold fever on Friday, after having spates of runny nose and sneezing the day before. I worry that my flu would get worse… Thus that night, I religiously took medicine (every four hour…)

Alhamdullilah my fever did not worsen. In fact I felt comfortable enough to go for the ride…

With many having prior commitments, only these names made the list when it was put in our group… Four regulars plus another four friends…


However two of them did not turn up – Safarin &Adie Nas (both are not in our WhatsApp group). Final count, 8 riders + 2 pillions (Man’s & Pak Yop’ spouses), with Idrusk @ Druze joining, unannounced.

I was last to arrive at the first rv point – RnR Dengkil. Mzac, Zack & Druze did not wait that long though. After a brief “hello”, we took off heading to our second rv point, RnR Seremban to meet up the other four (+2) riders for today.

Mzac leading the way…

For Eman (on MT-09) & Pak Yop (on GSXR), this would be their first time riding with UOMO; but Pak Yob has ridden with Mzac a month before on a “all GSXR affair”. He was inducted into UOMO’s (WhatsApp) group by Mzac after that… both of them, I’ve never met before.

L-R: Eman, Pak Yob, Mzac, Man Morini, Sabri, idrusK, Zack, Wak MT09

We slated to start from RnR Seremban at 9.30am… As it rained in some places earlier in the morning, we pushed the starting time by half an hour or so….

First stop, at Tangkak toll gate. It was a rather hot day. We stopped for quite a bit there.

Proceeding to our (first) destination, which turned out to be the Gunong Ledang recreational area, we had to endure the super jammed packed Tangkak town.  (Note:  I did not know that Gunung Ledang was near Bukit Sagil town). And, we turned off at the wrong junction – which led to Gunung Ledang hiking base. Obviously not the place we wanted to go to.

“What? Turn around?”

Anyways, after a few “delicious” twists and turns (too bad the traffic was awfully heavy), we got to the correct junction.

“ok, motor besar boleh parking depan surau nun…”

L-R: fastest, faster, slowest 🙂

The guard was kind enough to let us park inside the guarded area – normally meant for resort’s guest.

Didn’t look at the watch, but I’d say we arrived at around 1.00pm. Everyone was a bit hungry… Had to made do with the pre-prepared stuff inside the resort’s stall.

Cold burger, still warm fried chicken, sardine sandwiches & nasik lemak “ok” according to ManMorini

After “alas perut”, we… or some of us… four of us to be exact, showed off our “perut” pulak… hehehehe….

It was refreshing… the cold mountain stream helped to soothe (or worsen?) my flu… If my timing was correct, we spent almost over an hour “berendam” in the stream… of course with me taking some time to “upgrade” the rock dam…

Well, that was that. It was time to get out of the water and wear dry clothes…. Except for Man Morini – he wore the same jeans to “berendam”… hehehe… Luckily the surau provided kain pelikat… So we fulifilled our duties there before moving on to our next agenda…. makan durian!  In fact this was the highlight of the ride – eat durian at Bukit Sagil.

It was already around 4.00pm when we headed out from the resort. Many durian stalls were already closed.  Thankfully, we managed to find one stall that sell reasonably priced durian kampung, at RM9/kg…

Our timing was perfect. Just a while after we ordered the durians, it was sold out. And when we were finishing up, it rained!  Perfect timing. We waited out for another half hour or so for the rain to stop before moving to our next agenda… “makan at Muar town”…

Thanks Druze @ idrusK for the durians treat !

The traffic was horribly heavy as we rode to Muar. It was at crawl-pace in Tangkak, and it was even worse in Muar town. We wanted to have coffee at the “Kopi 434” shop near the bus station, but they were already closing for the day. So, we moved to our next agenda, “asam pedas”… alas the shops ran out of dishes… There were too many people eating out that day it seemed.

So, we stopped at the Medan Selera Tanjung Emas… some of us could still get the ikan asam pedas

That was the closing agenda for the day’s ride. It was already 7.00pm when we finished eating. Zack, with Eman & Wak parted ways with the rest of the group there – he wanted to make a quick stop at his hometown nearby, accompanied by Eman & Wak.

The rest of us decided to head back, via Tangkak exit, and pit-stopping at RnR Jejantas Alor Gajah. Man & Pak Yob left immediately after refueling.  While Idrus, Mzac & me stayed back a bit longer…

We shook hands and headed to our respective homes at around 8.45pm, arriving safely well before 11.00pm.  And everyone reported back to arrive home safely, with Zack reaching home 5 minutes before midnight, still in the same day 🙂

All in all, it was a really swell ride… Almost having our butts swelling… Hahahaha…

Thanks guys for the yet another enjoyable outing.



This ride took place on Saturday, 31st March 2018.

Photo credits: Zack, Druze, Mzac



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