Mentekedarah Mentarang

Simple and easy. That’s how I would describe today’s ride.

Zack has been talking about the prime season for mentarang – which is this period. And that their size is gonna be XXL. Well… you can be the judge of that.

Anyway, I was all set to meet up with the guys at RnR Sungai Buloh. The only thing was, I had to swing by AjiKTM’s shop to pick up my back. Ahh yes, the bikes are still garaged there…. and will be kept there a while longer. This is a better arrangement until I am permanently back in Malaysia.

So, I was running a bit late… and the R1 was giving the thirsty indicator as I pulled into the RV location. There were lots of bikes parked at the RnR, thus I decided to proceed to the petrol station. I thought that would be best as it was already 8.45. We planned to hit the road at 9.00am. And so… I just waited at the station after fuelling up the bike.

I waited… and waited… and waited… and waited… and finally an hour later, they came…. after having coffee and toast and egg and whatnots. But to be fair, Mzac did ask me to join them as they (we) waited for Knizy whom was the last to arrive around 9.30… and ordered breakfast… with the guys waiting… and me continue waiting… waiting… waiting… 😀

The route for today was straight forward – exit the North-South hiway at Rawan, took the LATAR hiway to Kuala Selangor, then trudge the trunk road towards the mentarang area just after Tanjong Karang.

We arrived just a bit too early (around 11.30am). The shop did not officially open for business yet for the day as they normally start around 1.00pm.

Anyway, one kilo each were ordered – mentarang bakar, mentarang sup & mentarang tumis. The bakar came first, and were snapped up in no time. And a reorder was made…. Hahaha… So between the six of us, we had 4kilos of mentarang!

With rice, a telur dadar as side dish, of course. In between, Pak Din the shop owner also threw in two plates of cut mangoes. And for desert, cut watermelon was served. And as a closure, he belanja few more mentarang bakar, in Cajun style… hihihihi..

Lunch was delicious. Everyone enjoyed the Mentarang. Well… almost everyone. Don and Wak-MT09 enjoyed a bit lesser than the others. But, surprisingly this time around, Mzac was really digging into the dishes. Bravo Mzac !!!

And so, that’s about it as far as the lunch is concerned. Of course, our get together has never been only about eating. The time spent with stories and experience sharing is much more valuable than the food or ride. In fact, after two refills of teh-o-ice later, we still had much to talk about. But, it was getting late as some of us had other things to do that day.

So, we headed out just before two… heading back to our respective homes.

I of course made a quick detour to AjiKTM’s shop to return the bike. Rode the SYM there in the morning, thus rode back with the scooter, after a short chit-chat with AjiKTM.

Again, a swell outing guys. Thanks.

Here’s something to keep our mouth watering desire until the next mentarang ride.


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