Ride Suka Suki..

Occasional rider’s nightmare! Some bikes & batteries are not meant to be left idle. But some riders do not have much choice… Person in case, yours truly. Didn’t realized it has been four months since the GSA was last started.  And I had left the battery connected all the while. So, it’s really no surprise that the battery was totally flat. Dead. Replaced the factory fitted battery in February this year… with an unknown brand, but it did the job.  And got drained after four months… maybe not bad at all.screenshot_20171007-184904-012123484525.jpeg

Anyway, I jumpstarted the bike. Took it to AjiKTM’shop (Thursday, 21st Sept). Have it charged up. And, the battery was normal again 🙂

Saturday, 23rd Sept 2017. Twelve bikes. The ride with no plans.

Riders? Ajizizi, Batt66, Rik, Mzac, Sham, Faizal, Azmir, Knizy, Arzeland, Razzman+1, Saufi+1 & Sabri.

The route…   First leg, rv point at Shell Tol Sg. Besi.  With no definite destination, the ride lead Capt. Haji Azizi just said that we shall exit Nilai and wait for two more riders (Faizal & Azmir).  So, the group exited Nilai, and waited for the two guys.20170923_090036


First stop, nasi lemak ikan semilang Lenggeng.

Second stop, at a road junction…. somewhere..


Third stop, Masjid Tua Nyalas.

Then, found our way to this forest recreation area. Finally, reached Muar for mee bandung.



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