Day 4

And continuing from yesterday….

When he knew that I will be flying back to Cambodia Monday morning, Dr. Yin made a special arrangement for my “endo”… the very next day after his consultation, i.e today Friday 19th May. 🙂

The thing about this procedure is definitely the bowel preparation. After 8.00pm last night, the toilet was my “favourite” place… hahaha….  Lost count of how many visits I made… but by morning my butt was in agony!

At 9.00am I was already at SJMC Endo Department. After completing  all the formalities, I was wheeled into the “operating” room at 10.30am. The process took about 45 minutes all in all. Alhamdulillah all was well.

The sedative effect was still strong when I got hack home at 2.30pm.

Today, it so happen that Nizam came up to KL from JB -day trip said he. After a few messages exchange, we agreed to meet up at RnR Dengkil, on his way back to JB.

At just after 6.00pm, met up Nizam at the agreed place.

It has been quite a while since we last met. If I remember correctly, it was at Saadon’s house last year during Saadon’s son wedding do. At the time I was from the airport just got back from the Philippines and Nizam was from Ipoh collecting his new GSA-LC. Or maybe not. I recall now that we met again after Idul Adha when he came to Bukit Rimau driving his hilux.

We had quite a bit to catch up. After a couple of drinks (and nasi goreng plus roti bakar & dua telur half boiled) Nizam showered, freshening up for his solo ride back to JB. It’s quite a normal thing for him (riding solo up and dowm from JB to KL)…

After completing our duties for the day, we bid adieu… parting ways at the KLIA exit. It was already close to 10.00pm then. And I have another meet up to go to…

At around 10.15pm, I arrived the coffee shop in Sijangkang where Ali, Hj. Ishak, Cikgu Alimin and __________ was waiting.

These folks are the backbones of the NGO “Seorang Sekampit Beras Sebulan (1KB1B)”. As it was already late…. we chatted for about half an hour before bidding goodbye.

Reached home at 11.30pm….. what a day this has been…. 🙂


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