Updating Stuffs

Back at home sweet home again on 15th May. The original plan was take leave this week, then go to Manila for meeting during the week of 22nd, then go back to Sihanoukville on the 28th with the whole family.  But when I safely got back home, the boss asked that I skip the Manila trip.

So, here I am at home in Shah Alam being confused. And what do we do in such a confusion state? Take to the bikes of course!

Tuesday 16th May. “So where can I get a set of reasonably cheaper tyres for the R1?” I enquired in UOMO’s chat group. Mzac quickly responded, recommending the shop in Padang Jawa Klang. This is workable as it is not that far from home. “So, can you show me and go with me to this shop?” I asked him. “OK, lets rv near JPJ at 9.45am” was Mzac’s response.

By 10.00am, we were already at Kian Huat bikeshop (behind JPJ Padang Jawa). The intention was to get the Continental tyres (what Mzac is using now). But with a price difference of only RM60, I went with the Pirelli Rosso 2 (120/70×17 front; 190/55×17 rear; note-std rear is 190/50×17) @ RM1020 complete with balancing.

Point to note, the old tyres were really old – was put on some six or seven years ago… huhuhuhu… it has hardened beyond safe road use… so, disclaimer, do not do this kind of thing guys. 😀

Also, on this day the insurance and roadtax for the R1 is renewed… hehehe.

End of Day 1.

Wednesday, 17th May. The GSA has been without roadtax since its expiry on 19th May 2016. And the ownership is still Nizam’s.  So, today will be D-day for ownership transfer and roadtax renewal. As advised by SY Resources (my insurance agent), it must be done two days before reaching one full year of non-renewal of roadtax.

By 9.10am, I was already filling the owneship transfer form at JPJ Padang Jawa. Of course Nizam has done his part yesterday in JPJ Johor Baru.

It is so efficient nowadays. I only waited about 10minutes or so when my number came up. And the process at the counter took merely two minutes. All done, and WELL DONE JPJ!!!

Its not even 10.00am when I left JPJ, headed towards Maju Motor at Seksyen 16 Shah Alam to “service” the SYM. While waiting for the scooter to be “serviced”, chitchat with the group led to “lets do lunch at Mee Tarik near JPJ”.

So when servicing of my SYM was done at about noon, I headed back to Padang Jawa to meet up with Batt66 and Zack for a sumptuos lunch.

Well, thats about it for Day 2.

Today, Day 3. 18th May, Thursday. 10.30am. Arrived Subang Jaya Medical Center (SJMC) for an appointment with Dr. Yin, Gastrologist. But.. what a bummer! my appointment was 11.00am yesterday! Luckily Dr. Yin is able to accept my walk in visit. And that’s after my GL from AIA was sorted out – requested last week but it did not come true… because the original referral was for Sunway Medical Center! What a mixed up…

Anyway…. after consultations, I am set for the “endo” tomorrow…..

Till then, chill!


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