Lomang Oh Lomang ~ 2nd time

Most times, an impromptu “jom besok ride” message in the groupchat is an effective way to organise a ride… a last minute one at that… hahahaha…

With subtle indications of “ok I am good to join” from the “usual suspects”, it was enuff to set an rv point and rv time.

Saturday 18 March 0700am… Faizal asked “so, where do we go?” in the chatgroup. I didn’t see the reply from Zack until I arrive at Shell RnR Dengkil @0815am, slightly later than the set rv time of 0800am 😉  if not for the heavy congestion/jam (an accident just before Saujana Putra exit) just after USJ exit, I would have been on time…

Faizal, NoX, Mzac and Zack was already there when I arrived.




It was only then I found out we will be going to Kuala Pilah for Lomang Apak. This would be our second time to this place… hopeful that they have the lomang this time around…
The ride was a relaxed one… at cruising speed… santai abis 🙂 The sky was cloudy… which could have contributed to our ride mode.

The ride was a bit longer. I think it was already close to 10.00am when we arrived at the place. Anyway, it was all smiles as we parked our bikes at the roadside restaurant. They have lomang!


Lomang with rendang and daging salai plus pisang goreng & nasi goreng…. that was all we needed. Other than the food, we chatted and discussed about NoX’s predicament about getting a scooter. Before we knew it, it was already past noon. It was time to make a move. We agreed to go to Sendayan Motor in Nilai to look at scooters for NoX’s consideration.

But before that, a stop at ……. for air kelapa @ ayaq nyioq (coconut drink). And… we got something else there..:-)

Nothing beats having young coconut drink on a hot day. Oh ya, our return leg from Lomang Apak was with scorching sun (and lots of sweat) plus heavy traffic all the way from Kuala Pilah town to this warung. P.S. could not resist the temptation of the durian…. but it was only one (or two) seed for each of us :-). P.P.S. when we were finishing up here, the adzan from the mosque opposite the roadside was heard…. so we went for solat before continuing our journey for today.

Sendayan Motor, Nilai N.S. NoX looking for options of scooter or similar sized motorcycle for his commute from Subang to Sepang. After deliberations, it was everyone else whom got excited… eith Vespa… hehehehe..

Well, that was that. Nothing concrete was decided from this visit to the scooter showroom. But we left with an agreement – if NoX buy a Vespa, then the others would follow suit… hahaha..

The southbound ride could not be complete without stopping in Kota Seri Emas for the asamboi apple juice. Well today, we only got asamboi lemon juice as the shop was without electricity since noon. P.S. plus some cupcake and meehoon soup 🙂


It was close to 4.00pm when we call it a day, and rode out from this restaurant. By that time the sky was getting dark. And it rained heavily as we got into Shah Alam.

All five of us reported to safely arrived our respecrive homes around 4.30pm… and all five of us reached home drenched!  A “cool” end of yet another enjoyable outing. Thanks guys!

Another P.S.:  Haris, my very dear friend from Uni day long long time ago lives nearby Lomang Apak. When I told him I was at the place with some friends, he came over to say hello….. and paid for our meal. Jazakallahu kathira Haris ☺



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