Ride on!

Now that the GSA is juiced, it is only natural that I itch for a ride. Or maybe the itch has already started when I met those few riders last Wednesday evening at Holiday Villa Nataya Sihanoukville

And today I ride!  Much obliged to Mzac whom would always never turn down a ride invite (except under unavoidable circumstances). The other regular “breakfast club riders” had prior engagements and couldn’t join… understandable, as I only prompted late evening yesterday (Friday) asking if anyone was available for the ride.

It is yet again another two-bike affair

When I arrived at our regular meet up point in the Sungai Buloh RnR, Mzac has just got off from his steed. We opted to have coffee there and chit chat for a while…. just in case any other friends would turn up.  After a good half an hour of catching up (it has been three months since we got together in our previous ride), we headed out with a pre-planned destination to the Cafe Pau Yik Moon in Tanjong Malim.

As usual, we exited Rawang to enjoy the curves of state road (or the rural road… non-highway).  The traffic was very mild with slow moving lorries at some streches. But overall, it was a smooth ride.  However, we passed a fresh accident scene whereby a Yamaha R15 was totalled at a t-junction somewhere in Serendah. It seemed that the R15 rammed the driver’ side of a HRV – most likely the HRV coming out from the junction with traffic light. I can only speculate that either party tried to beat a red light. The victims were already taken away when we passed the area. And we chanced upon the police’s Land Rover carrying the victim – most likely the bike rider as there was another R15 slowly following the police transport. And not too far ahead, we overtook an ambulance most likely taking the HRV’s driver to hospital.

Photos received in a whatsapp group

Photos from circulating in whatsapp groups…

Well… that was a sombre reminder for us riders to never act in haste on the road. Any which way, bike riders are always at a more risks than car drivers.

As we draw closer to our destination, the fuel indicator on my bike started to blink. We stopped to refuel at Kalumpang Caltex station.  I noticed a makeshift eating place by the roadside just next the station. When I ask about the place, the pump attendant said that its a popular haunt for locals and most times its full of patrons… sometime people have to wait for seats and table.

Mzac agreed to have a go at this roadside cafe when I asked.

It was already quite late in the morning (around 10.30). The shop’s helper (waitress? hehehe..) said they only have roti canai, nasi kerabu and nasi campur. We could only assume that they have more variety for in their breakfast menu.

Anyway, we had already decided earlier to eat roti canai bawang. So we ordered that; plus two half-boiled eggs and teh ais each.

A pleasant surprise… all these for only RM8

Mzac gave a thumb’s up for all the food! Definitely can be included in our list of break-location… The setting is pleasing, friendly kampung-like. One small insignificant flaw though… as the sun rises the open space would loose its shade from the few palm trees that make this eating place cooling. It was windy day though… so still pleasing. Not a show stopper at all 🙂

As the sunray began to encroach our table, I prompted that it was time to leave. And Mzac agreed when I suggested that we stop by Nox’s house for a visit (he was just discharged from hospital on Thursday… ).

It was already aroun 11.00am when we headed out from Kalumpang, exiting into PLUS hiway from Tanjong Malim. Since we plan to visit Nox at his home in Subang Perdana, we took the Guthrie Corridoor Highway at the Rawang interchange. However fate has it Nox was not at home… he was in Klang with his family… well…. maybe next time Nox. 🙂


Nearby Subang Perdana homestead… calling Nox…

It was close to noon by then…. too early to be heading home. So I suggested, and again Mzac agreed, to go to AjiKTM’s shop in Putra Heights.

Mzac’s first time everrrr visiting this establishment

We spent close to two hours chitchatting with AjiKTM (and occasionally with Asif, his Pakistani mechanic)… Around 2.00pm we bid adieu to them and headed home 🙂

Thanks Mzac for this swell ride…

Not sure when would our next get together will be……….but.. RIDE ON !!!


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