Felda Besout 5

 One weekend apart, that is we skipped one weekend for our (now) almost routine “breakfast” ride.
Our ride two weekends’ ago saw Zack leading us to a totally new experience.  And today, the “exploring” mode is still strong… Although we have pre-decided that the ride will be to Bidor to re-visit the mee kicap shop, the after-meekicap plan was not really discussed.

The traffic was quite heavy along the north-bound Plus Hiway when we got out of the usual RV place – RnR Sungai Buloh.   In fact, when I arrived at the RnR , it was packed with cars and bikes alike.  It is of no surprise as today was the start of the year end school holidays.  People travel during school holidays.

Thus I proceeded to the service station to fill up, and messaged the group (Mzac was waiting at the rest area).

“Do you think I’m (still) sexy?… ”  🙂

After a short wait, Druze drove up… and a few moment later, MZac came to join us to wait for Zack or any other riders (sometimes, one or two would turn up unannounced.. :-))

Druze… still fresh from his recent trip to the land of the rising sun.
It has passed 8.30am, our cut off time for flagging off… but… we would always wait for confirmed riders 🙂

And the confirmed riders for today was:  Mzac, Druze, Zack and me-self of course.  Four riders, one each of Suzuki, BMW, KTM and Yamaha… two Japs, two Conti… one DP, two sports, one Street. Collectively, UOMO Bikers… hehehehe..

Zack – our designated ride lead… everytime 🙂


It does not matter what type/brand of bike you ride… what matters is… you ride!

It has been ten months since we last rode to Bidor for the Ramli Mee Kicap Bidor.  Since then, the original shop that we frequented, has “branched out” with Ramli still operating the old shop and his wife operating this new restaurant, Mee Kari Lina & Tomyam.  So today (Saturday, 26th Nov 2016) we rode to the “branch”.

Location: further up from the old shop, on the right hand side, before the KFC and the traffic junction.

We were told that the mee kicap served here tastes slightly better than the original shop… and the verdict is…?

As Idrus’ testified, the capati was excellent – fluffy and soft… what more when dipped in sardines sauce… yummy!


The Mee Kari – delicious!
And the star of the shop… excellente!

So, the verdict was out.  We would definitely go here for either mee kari, mee kicap, mee kuah or even capati!

After two cups of kopi-o, teh tarik, and whatnots each, where to next?  Go back home of course… 🙂 But which way?  Zack was busy charting out the return route when Mzac and Druze was tag-teaming to membahan me on certain things (too xxx to mention here… hehehehe).  And finally we agreed to go back via a new route…. I was not sure what it was but it was definitely a very good route. Well done Zack!

Basically, from Bidor (refeulled somewhere in Sungkai), the route took us into Felda Besout 5.  There was supposed to be a route from there to Behrang.  But there was no connecting road yet.  So, we double back to Slim River.

Felda Besout – 49km from Sungkai.


This is what riding is all about, yeah?

The route to Slim River offers some exciting bends…. I for one enjoyed taking ’em slow and easy.  Not as “brave” as I was before…

It was already close to 1:00pm when we stopped to quench our thirst in Slim River.  The gerai makan than Zack chose offered yet just the right (in the taste and serving department) cendol to wet our throats.  And this gerai also offered a new-to-us type of drink, the air A.D.O – didn’t bother to ask what that stands for 🙂

Air A.D.O – main difference from ABC? lychee and kismis…
Gerai Mamak Mydin.
at Slim River…

Where to next?  Solat of course, as it was already past Zuhur (1.30pm).  We headed to the town’s masjid, just nearby this gerai makan.  And fate has it, it rained heavily as we were performing our solat… so, it gave us good reason to take a break for a while… 🙂

Rain rain go away… come back again another day… 🙂

The rain stopped about half an hour later (around 2.30pm)… good timing for us to head back.

From Teluk Intan, we headed towards Behrang where we exited the truck road into the NS Hiway. The traffic was still heavy.  It was exceptionally so as we get closer to KL, and when we hit the NKVE.  Anyhow, everyone arrived home safely at around 4.00pm today, with some of us drenched from the rain (Zack and Druze) to the South of KL….

Yet again, a swell outing.  Timing, pace, food, route and most importantly, company was excellent!

Till our next ride, keep the rubber on the road guys!

And please do not stop pondering on “where to next?”… 🙂  😛



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