GSa Balik Kampung

It has been a very long three weeks for me. To start off, I was in Prai for work during the week of 24th May, Tuesday till Friday.  Immediately after, had a memorable vacation with the wife and two of our kids (Qiah & Afif), downunder (31st May till 6th June).  And the day we came back, it was the start of Ramadhan.  I was already back at work the very next day.

However, since it was still school holidays, the rest of the family went balik kampung on Wednesday 8th June.  But fate has it, although I was left behind alone since I gotta work, I came down with flu fever on the same day they travel back to the “country side”.  And the doctor gave me the sick leave for Thursday and Friday.  And.. I was alone at home… 😦

Friday morning – after two nights of paracetamol and flu medication – I was feeling a bit better.  The whole morning I was gauging my health and strength level and was weighing on the decision of “to ride or not to ride”.  Destination?  balik kampung.. of course!  And balik kampung won the toss… 🙂

It was already noon time when I gathered enough energy and decided that I could do the long journey.

Right after solat Jumaat at Surau An-Namira Bukit Rimau, at approximately 2.30pm, I began my solo journey, destination Besut.  This would be my second solo ride with the GSa.

It was a hot day.  As the tank was still half-full, I did not bother to re-fuel the GSa until after Kuala Lipis.  And that would be my first pit stop.  I did not do much rest-stop along the way except for the solat stop at Masjid  Tengku Mahkota Paloh at around 5.30pm.

 photo IMG-20160610-WA0029.jpg

 photo 20160610_174542.jpg

 photo 20160610_175406.jpg

had a good chat with this pakcik

The rest and solat was quite refreshing… spent 40 minutes or so at the masjid,  if I recall correctly.

Realizing that I may be late reaching Kota Bharu, I excused myself from the friendly folks of Paloh and pushed on.  Oh… forgot to mention.  The family (wife and kids plus my mom and big brother Jamil & wife & Dina their dotter) was in KB and we would be having our iftar in KB that day.  So, I will be heading to KB instead of going back straight to Besut.

 photo 20160610_193823.jpg

Reached Sham Restaurant in KB just in time for iftar.  Didn’t eat much food though.  The ride today had me de-hydrated.  It was a hot day and I was sweating all the way.  And since I was fasting, did not really have any opportunity to re-hydrate myself during the ride.  So, at iftar,  I drank and drank and drank lots of water… thus not much room left for solid food… hahahahaha…

 photo 20160610_202603.jpg

After iftar, big bro Mel suggested that we perform our solat tarawikh at Stadium Sultan Muhammad… and that we did.

 photo 20160610_223913.jpg

That was that.  The eight-rakaat terawikh, with a 20-minutes tazkirah in between ended just before 11.00pm.  And by the time we reached (mom’s) home, it was already past midnight.

The next day (Saturday), the wife and kids were to drive back to Shah Alam at around 11:00am.  And my plan was to stay another night and ride back on Sunday.  However, mom suggested that I leave the bike and go back with the family.  That makes sense, as not only was I riding alone, it was also the fasting month.  And I was really de-hydrated during my ride the previous day.  So, did not really want to go through that again… 🙂

So, the GSa will be spending some time in kampung.  Big Brother Mel (and lil’ bro Miji) willingly accept responsibility to keep her warmed up…  🙂

 photo 20160611_192149.jpg

Left Besut after terawikh on Saturday (around 11.00pm).  Everyone was tired…. so we ended up making a number of sleep stops.. at Kuala Krai, at Gua Musang a few more places.  Performed our solat subuh at Caltex station just after Gua Musang… We finally reached home sweet home around noon.  Alhamdulillah…

p/s: I miss the GSa already.


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