warming up the R1…

If anything, experience has proved that it is not easy to schedule a get-together… what more organising a ride.  This is especially so for some of us otais.  Weekends would normally equate to  family commitments or social responsiblities.  If it is not the kid’s sports day, it is a relative’s or neigbour’s wedding do…  etcetera… etcetera….  Something would almost always creep up our ride plan. Well, no worries… as there is still the next weekend.  🙂

Saturday, 21st May.  It rained quite heavily this early morning.  The day before, Mzac indicated a half-day ride.  However, apart from me, no one else was free.  So, in essence, Mzac and I will be riding to somewhere… at least that was the plan.  But, it rained quite heavily this early morning.
Close to 9.00am, the rain stopped.   The R1 was out from the parking place. But Mzac called the ride off as he has gone out for an errand.  Since the R1 was already out, might as well take her for a spin…
 photo 20160521_083648.jpg
Without anywhere in particular to go, I just followed my instinct…  and that instinct took me to Elte Hiway, exiting KLIA and headed to Sepang Town.  It was a toss between turning left to Port Dickson or turning right towards Morib when I reached the t-junction at Sepang town.

The winner was… turning right 🙂

Lau of Polly Motor in Tanjung Sepat was the place to get cheapest-in-town tyre back in the day when I started this hobby.  Allahyarham Dahlan introduced me to this shop and its serious-faced owner, Lau. Back then, this was the place where bikers replaced tyres, buy cheaper parts and accessories.  But time has changed.

 photo 20160521_101354.jpg
 photo IMG-20160521-WA0037.jpg
Launot that easy to get him to smile.. 🙂

No, I didn’t go there to change tyres or buy parts… it was merely a courtesy call… visiting and old friend sort of.  That was that….  so, where to next?

Headed towards Morib.  And in my mind, I wanted to try out the new South Klang Valley Expressway (SKVE) that connects Banting with Elite Hiway.  And try I did.
 photo 20160521_105433.jpg


 photo ride21may16.jpg
a round trip of 170km

It was still quite early in the day, so I made a stop at MX Motorsport in Putra Heights.  The route was easy enough using SKVE then Elite to get to Putra Heights.  AjiKTM as brother Nayan is fondly called is ever welcoming when fellow bikers dropped by his shop.

 photo 20160521_114819.jpg

It was already noon when I left the shop…. the R1 is warmed up enough for the week.  🙂  Plus I do not want to spend too much time away from home today, as tomorrow, I will be riding with the pack again – Nox’s GSA running-in ride….


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