what a…..

20160417_153551  If I were to summarize everything into just one word, it would be this:  Exhilarating!

PART 1: The Plan

First off, this two-bikes-two-man ride was well planned but at the same time was very flexible.  Well planned as Haji Azizi @ Capt. Azizi @ Kakyam had certain destinations and stop points already charted.  Flexible as few stop points were added along the way and changes to routes were made to keep things interesting.  In fact, he spent quite a considerable amount of time planning the routes at every pit-stop.  However, the true nature of the ride was a bit sketchy initially.

When Haji Azizi put up (in the group)  the ride plan, it was like this:

Sabtu ini… jom ride!!

KL – Semenchu – Desaru.  Nite stop tepi pantai.

Ahad… Mersing – Rompin – Bahau – KL.

Skuter ka.. moto besa ka… jommm.

OTW balik… Udang Galah time.

Saturday 16 April: 8.30am rv at Shell next to Nouvelle Hotel b4 Sg. Besi toll hse.

For me, it doesn’t really matter what the itinerary was.  But, what matters was, that Saturday morning, my dotter would be going back to her college in Sungai Petani after a week’s break.  So the rv time was a challenge since I wanted to see my dotter off at the KTM Komuter station.  The earliest, as I told Haji Azizi, that I could be at the rv place would be at 11:00am.  And he obliged…..

So, minutes before 11:00am, I was at the agreed RV place – Shell station besides Nouvelle Hotel.
 photo 20160416_104950.jpg
Haji Azizi arrived about fifteen minutes later…
 photo 20160416_110526.jpg

One hour into the ride, we stopped for a breather at Kg. Bemban layby

 photo kgbembanlayby.jpg

Met two bikers at the layby… one of ’em, Mr. Lim,  we’ve had teh tarik with sometimes back when at the Victory showroom in Glenmarie.

 photo 20160416_123406.jpg

Just before we get on the road again, the Capt. “revealed” to me what this trip was all about.  I can’t say that it was a total surprise.  The main agenda for this ride was to visit an “OP” whom met with a mishap in 2011 that rendered him immobilized.  “OP” is Old Putra, the alumni for ex-RMC (Royal Military College or Maktab Tentera DiRaja).  Haji Azizi is an OP himself and a very active member.  The visit is a part of continuous follow up on OP Hafiz’s condition and well being.  A very noble program indeed that is being carried out by the alumni.

That main agenda aside, the immediate plan after continuing our journey was to stop for lunch at a much talked about restaurant in Yong Peng, the Restoran Kari kambing 40 Hari.

 photo 20160416_135452.jpg

Not too shabby it was.  A plate of well weighted meal charged at RM12.  The taste?  I’d say lived up to its reputation.  Drinks costed RM1.50 each.

 photo 20160416_140903.jpg

The restaurant was off the highway.  For those whom are interested, from the highway, take the exit at Yong Peng, and proceed Southwards on the federal road towards Kluang.  You will get to the restaurant in no time.

After that most delicious lunch (and a few sticks of ciggy for the Capt), it was back to the scorching sun.  Made a rather quick stop (half an hour also) for our solat at a service station in Kluang town, then it was all the way to Kota Tinggi, arriving around 5.00pm for another pit stop.

The original plan was to visit OP Hafiz (in Semenchu, a Felda settlement), then retire for the day at Desaru.  But since it was already rather late, we decided to proceed to Desaru and check-in into a hotel to freshen up, and visit OP Hafiz later in the evening.  Semenchu was about 17km before reaching Desaru if you travel from Kota Tinggi.

 photo 20160417_062718.jpg

The Desaru Tunamaya Beach Resort was quite a nice place.  It was already past 7.00pm when we finally got into our room (RM218.45 through Agoda).  A quick change and we headed to the Olympic-sized (I think… hehehehe) swimming pool. A very good refreshing affair indeed after a day long ride.

 photo tunamaya.jpg

Part 2: The Visit

Since we were not feeling hungry yet, right after our solat, we headed out to Semenchu for the main agenda.

 photo IMG-20160416-WA0023.jpg

Arrived at the house around 9.00pm and spent more than two hours there.  Obviously the Captain has lot to catch up on… talking about Hafiz’s well being and discussing about future plans…

Feeling a bit hungry, we stopped for a roti canai / capati just before arriving the hotel.

 photo 20160416_230038.jpg

We slept like logs that night.  A well deserved rest.  And when I woke up in the morning, I went to the seaside waiting for the sunrise.  It was just so serene and peaceful…

 photo 20160417_064020.jpg

 photo 20160417_070350.jpg

Breakfast (came with the room) was nice albeit going down to the restaurant half an hour before close of breakfast timing. Immediately after breakfast and all the morning routines, we checked out and was ready for our return leg of the journey…but not before the Captain chart the routes… with few changes from the original plan 🙂

 photo 20160417_105025.jpg

“I am okay with any route Capt… as long as we reach home before 5.00pm”… that was my response when he asked which way I preferred – the JB-KL hiway or the trunk road towards Mersing.

Part 3: The Morning After

It was 11:00am when we rode out from the hotel.  Could already feel the heat from this sunny and clear weather.  The road was mild, with not that many cars.  Chanced upon this beautiful picnic point along the way.  If you google, this place is called Sedili Kecil Beach Point.

 photo sedelikecilbeachpoint.jpg

 photo 20160417_114642.jpg

 photo 20160417_113449.jpg

However, it is saddening to see this aftermath from Malaysian’s lack of civic sense…

 photo 20160417_114603.jpg

How I wish everyone has more sense of love for mother nature. What would it take? How difficult is picking up your own thrash and rubbish?

Part 4:  The Meehoon

Pushing on, its was already past noon when we moved out from the beach-point.  The sun was still shining bright.  The skies blue. After about another half-hour or so of riding, we stopped to re-fuel in Sedili.

 photo 20160417_132102.jpg

The plan was to have some coffee and toast at the famous Kluang Rail Coffee  for lunch (too full from the late breakfast to have a normal lunch), but alas when we got there, it was closed.  After the hassle of riding in a heavy traffic around Kluang town, it was rather disappointing to find the shop closed.

 photo 20160417_141944.jpg

Pushing on, the Capt. made an unplanned stop at a food stall in Kg. Chamek’s, near the railroad crossing.

 photo 20160417_145711.jpg

We were met with excited folks… asking about the bikes and being friendly.  And, a generous Uncle (introduced himself as Hock Seng) insisted on paying for our meehoon sup and coffee.  Thanks a zillion Mr. Hock Seng!



 photo 20160417_153543.jpg

The pit-stop was most interesting imho…. this is the kind of thing that make riding fun – meeting new friendly people and sharing each other’s experiences…

Part 5: The Off

Like all good things, it will come to and end eventually.  So, we bid our new “fans” adieu and continued with our journey towards Gemas.  The route chosen would be Chamek-Labis- Gemas – Segamat-Gemencheh-Yong Peng-highway-KL…. with a slight detour into an offroad route somewhere in between Chamek and Gemas.  Well, I myself am not so sure of it… just follow the lead! hehehehe…

Wherever it was, my maiden experience off-roading on a big bike was really exciting and a bit daunting.  To add to the excitement, it was rainy thus the unpaved road was muddy and slippery.

 photo IMG-20160417-WA0042.jpg

 photo IMG-20160417-WA0044.jpg

 photo IMG-20160417-WA0046.jpg

As we came back to civilization, it was already asar.  We stopped at Masjid Bukit Siput Segamat to fulfill our obligations (I actually took a quick shower also there).  Soon after, we headed out towards Segamat for another visit on  a friend that Haji Azizi mentioned when we were having the meehoon in Chamek.

Part 5: The 4 Bikerz Garage

As it turned out, the Captain’s friend in Segamat are also OPs.  In fact two of them, twin, known affectionately as Ah Chong and Ah Seng.  How I envied the camaraderie of their alumni…

 photo 20160417_202353.jpg

From around 6.30pm we were taken to the “port ngeteh” for something to eat.

 photo 20160417_182159.jpg

By the time we finished our foods and drinks, it was already maghrib.  We were then driven to Ah Seng’s home where we performed our solat and a cup of tea afterwards.  When we finally got back on our bikes, it was already almost 9.00pm.  huhahuha…  it’s time (or past the time oredi) to head home…….  The route from Segamat was originally towards Yong Peng then hit the hiway to KL.  Somehow or rather, in the thick of the night, we ended in Alor Gajah then Simpang Empat Melaka… don’t ask me what the route was exactly as I was merely the follower…. 🙂

After a brief stop at Simpang Empat, Melaka, it was a non-stop ride back to our respective homes – the captain in Kinrara  and I in Shah Alam.  Arrived home at around 11.30pm.. safely… Alhamdulillah…..




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