bentong… unplanned!

So, its Sunday morning again.

I was looking for an excuse to ride yesterday morning, but nothing came to mind.  Plus it was too hot outside!  Thus I spent most of the Saturday morning installing the “Cigarette lighter USB power socket” that I recently bought on eBay. By the time I completed this little project, it was already past 11.00am.  Thus, no ride for that day.  Plus, my wife’s parent was visiting 🙂

 photo IMG-20160402-WA0021.jpg

So, its Sunday morning again.

My mom-in-law prepared a delicious nasi lemak today (yesterday morning, it was pulut nyior with ikan kukus  goreng).

 photo 20160402_082753.jpg

Right after breakfast, the father-in-law wanted to hear how the GS sounded like.  So, I cranked her and the purring sound was enough for me to get my jackets and glove.  And the plan was, to go on a short ride make to downtown Shah Alam to withdraw some money (mere excuse for a ride… hahahaha).  But the missus have the things line up for me.  “Please buy some squid – mom want to make ketupat  sotong“.

So, I got on the GSA and rode out to buy sotong ~ 1 kilo as per mom-in-law request.  The time was 9:15am…

In my mind, probably the best place to get it would be at Pasar Seksyen 6 Shah Alam.  And so I got on Kesas Hiway… missed the exit to Shah Alam downtown… undecided to whether go Southward on Northward as I got onto Elite Hiway.  In the end, I went Eastbound… hahaha…  since I have ridden the GSA northward as well as outward previously.  So, doing the Karak Hiway is the most logical choice for today… hehehe…

And… I ended up in Bentong!

Luckily one of my primary/secondary schoolmate lives there… so a perfect excuse to ride solo to Bentong and gave him a visit…. unannounced… a surprised visit..

 photo IMG-20160403-WA0024.jpg

Reza’s wife even prepared kueytiaw goreng!

It has been quite a while since I visited Reza.  Spent an hour and a half catching up with him before I head back to KL – leaving his home at around 11.20am, arriving home at about 12.30… 🙂

 photo 20160403_101757.jpg

the GSA at Reza’s house

What about the sotong? Got back just in time to buy 1.6kg of squid at a nearby sundry sho… in time for mom-in-law to make the yummy ketupat sotong….


Moral of story?   Do I need an excuse to ride??? hehehehe….



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