welcoming Druze’s GSA-LC

When I was having that “dream” of owning a BMW (RT) one day, two friends sort of made a promise that they would also “upgrade” to a BMW if and when I owned one.  That was at least two years ago.

Well yesterday, both friends made good on their promises.

Idrus’ brand-spanking new GSA-LC was delivered at Auto-Bavaria in their Glennmarie showroom.  And on this same day Nox put down his deposit for a similar bike.  My goodness!  Not only do they came true on their “promise”, they did it much better!  Congrats guys.

 photo 20160326_132912.jpg
Druze about to drive home his new GSA (this is outside AutoBavaria showroom in Glennmarie Shah Alam)

So, today (Sunday), I thought I’d lure Idrus into going for a ride. And you guessed it, he obliged.  Also, Rik (whom by now is an otai in the GSA world) said he’d join us for “breakfast at Port Dickson” (what?? again??? :-)).  But Rik was from Jelebu (in Negeri Sembilan).  And so…. the plan… me meet up with Idris at Dengkil RnR… and Rik would RV with us after Seremban exit.

At 9.30am, when I pulled into Dengkil RnR, Idrus also had just arrived.  We immediately rode out making our way to Seremban/PD exit.  As we got into the Shell service station, Rik was already there.

Anyways, wasted no time we did.  Headed straight to P.D and got there in less than half an hour…

 photo 20160327_104139.jpg


 photo IMG-20160327-WA0008.jpg

After a piece of roti canai and a glass of drink each… errr… Idrus actually had a second drink, teh “o” gelas bear, we chatted on…. and on… and on….

 photo 20160327_104634.jpg
the teh o was really gelas besar!

It was getting hot outside (equinox effect?)… and its time to get a move on…

 photo 20160327_104210.jpg
three, two and one box choices for the GSA… hehehehe…

We took the inner road route for the return leg:  P.D-Lukut-Sepang-Elite hiway, making a brief stop at Dengkil RnR to punch our thirst from the overly hot weather.

 photo IMG-20160327-WA0015.jpg
Idrus @ Druze’s treat…

It was about noon when we parted ways from here.  A  swell warm-up ride for Druze (Idrus)… 🙂

 photo 20160327_113208.jpg


 photo 20160327_104154.jpg

Ohhh by the way… tested this clamp mount for the sports action camera… not the most ideal location…

 photo 20160327_104222.jpg

Till next time… keep the rubber side up guys.


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