Nasi Bamboo…

It has been a rather hectic week for me.
Firstly, that Sunday’s solo ride. Spent most part of Monday doing chores – from washing car to doing laundry.
Then, balik kampung with the family on Tuesday.
Rode the MTB with my brother on Wednesday.

“two brothers”

On Thursday went to Kota Bharu to look for a long-time-no-see friend (with no success).
Spent the whole day Friday at sea – went to Pulau Perhentian and beyond for supposedly fishing.
 photo 20160318_145220.jpg
Saturday (yesterday) travelled back to KL/Shah Alam – making a brief stop in Kuantan for a kenduri.
And today 20th March, Sunday… slightly after 9.00am, I was on my way to meet up with few friends for yet another half day ride… ūüôā
When I reached Sg. Buloh RnR, all five riders (Mzac, AjiKTM, Zack, Haji Amir and Idrus) were already halfway through their coffee.
 photo 20160320_094945.jpg

This was to be a simple half day ride – lunch at a restaurant just after Sungkai exit on NS Hiway and back.

 photo 20160320_100935.jpg

We made our way out of the RnR at around 10.00am, of course after a quick fuel up.  The traffic was smooth moving Рnot that many cars on the NorthSouth Hiway today.  We arrived the Nasi Bamboo Sungai Klah restaurant just after 11.00am.  A first time for everyone coming to this place.

 photo IMG-20160320-WA0032.jpg
found a nice shady place to park our bikes
 photo 84e46faa-687e-4b14-816d-3704dd827ef1.jpg


There were already tons of bikers there as we pulled into the restaurant.  A very good business indeed for the operator. The food? Not bad at all.  I kinda like the pay-before-you-eat arrangement. Buffet style, you pick your food and pay at the counter before taking it to the table. Accurate account of what you eat.

 photo IMG-20160320-WA0044_1.jpg

A variety of food for our fancy. ¬†Grilled, fried, souped, curried, kerabu, ulam… Everyone enjoyed the feast.

I also met two persons there (separately). ¬†One was Hanif, the husband to my wife’s cousin (Izah) – he was with another biker group that arrived earlier. ¬†It was a pleasant surprise when he greeted me as we entered the restaurant. ¬†The other person that I met was Kamil, an old schoolmate from my secondary school in Besut. ¬†He was walking to the restaurant from the park park as we were heading out (on our bikes). ¬†Stopped to say hello as I was exiting to the the main road.

seriously ready to makan!
siapa makan sampai 3 buloh? ¬†hehehehe…

It was scorching hot as we contemplated on what to do next. ¬†We unanimously decided to use¬†the trunk road (not the hiway) for our return journey. ¬†Did I mention it was scorching hot? ¬†Well, according to the meteorological department, the sun equinox is taking place this week, and it would be extremely hot around noon till 3.00pm for the whole week. ¬†And guess what? ¬†That’s the timing we chose to ride! ¬†Did I mention it was scorching hot? ¬†ūüė¶

@Tanjong Malim – some bikes need to re-fuel… ūüôā

AjiKTM bought cold drinks at the station – “untuk minum2 sambil rendam kaki dalam ayor” he said. Where? ¬†Just off the main road in Tanjong Malim – a place called Lubuk Kawah. It was indeed a much needed cooling off for us. ¬†Except for AjiKTM, everyone else did not have any swimming trunk ready. ¬†Well, this pit stop was not part of our original plan!

Arrived this place (Teratak Riverview) at about 1.30pm.. did I mention it was scorching hot?

Well… what could stop some of us from the inviting water? ¬†Nothing! ¬†ūüôā ¬†First to get into the water was AjiKTM (of course! as he had swimming truck and all…)

see me? ¬†lying flat on my back in the water… what a refreshing feeling ūüôā

Idrus and Zack rolled their jeans up to knee level and waded in the cool water. ¬†Me? ¬†What the heck… I just jumped into the water as-is… fully attired! hahahaha… ¬†Well, soon after, Idrus took his t-shirt off and joined me and AjiKTM in the water…. so much for rolling up his jeans…. hehehe… But, Zack was still trying to keep his pants dry… even during the “dam-building” process…


Dam building? ¬†Yupp… you read it right. ¬†AjiKTM initiated this cordoning of the stream by building what Idrus appropriately named “UOMO Dam”…. Damn! ¬†hahahaha… ¬†Zack was staying true to not getting wet….. but not for long…. ¬†As the water level rises from the blockage, he could no longer fight the urge… thus… four stooges in the water now! ¬†ūüôā
Haji Amir also joined us for a short while. ¬†He donned his kain pelikat – for modesty reasons, I choose not to share his picture here… errr,,, maybe a censored version would be okay? ¬†hehehe…


What about Mzac? ¬†Well… he didn’t even take off his shoes to dip his feet in the waters… Good thing though… he was our guard on duty (found my bike’s key which I inadvertently dropped) and more importantly… he was our “baywatch”… hehehehe.

lifeguard on duty!

Time sure does fly when you are having fun. ¬†When we got out of the water, it was already three o’clock! ¬†And I have to be home before 4.30 for my Sunday’s routine (sending two of my kids off to their hostels). ¬†With pants still soaking wet, we rode out of this sanctuary from the scorches of the day.

getting ready to ride out…

As we hit back into the hiway, the three street/sports bikes (Zack, Haji Amir & Mzac) were pulling away from the three dee-pees… The traffic was a lot more heavier as people are driving back to KL after a week long school holidays (that ends today).

Apparently, Zack, Haji Amir and Mzac made a stop an Sungai Buloh RnR for solat and regroup before calling it day. ¬†As for me and AjiKTM – we were following Idrus whom sped passed the RnR. So, we headed home without stopping anywhere… hehehehe…. note: ¬†a good thing for me; otherwise I could have missed the 4.30pm time limit…. hahahahaha…

and they had root beer floats! ¬†alassss…..

This has yet been another enjoyable and relaxing ride…. Thanks guys!

I am certain that more of similar outing will come soon… (when Idrus update his toy…. and when Nox join the rebels…. hehehehe).

Till next time… keep the rubber side down peeps!


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