what saturdays bring

It has been two weekends of “no ride”.  Nothing new.  Most of us have commitments.  Most of us have other priorities.  You name it,  and that would be the commitment or priority for you.  You, me, all us are in the same boat.  None of us can be at two places in one time.  All of us have to make choices. Its either this or that.  Choosing both would almost certain lead to not fulfilling either one.

And as we move on with our life, we tend to have more commitments that need prioritization…

Anyway… 🙂

Mzac brought a friend along for what I thot would be two-bike affair.  Haji Amir, Mzac’s neighbor, just like him has recently made a comeback after a couple of years rest from biking (fulfilling other commitment… :-)).

 photo IMG-20160306-WA0051.jpg
Mzac gave a thumb’s up just we before we flag off from Sungai Buloh RnR.

When we met up at Sg. Buloh RnR, no destination or route has been set yet for today’s short ride. And as we sipped our coffees and teas I asked them about where we wanted to go.  None of us had any particular destination in mind.  When I casually asked “how about Kuantan?  Visit Kudir?” Both nodded and agreed. Guess everyone a had a full day pass for today… hehehehe…

So, at around 9.00am, we rode off – after fueling up at the station, plus filling up air on my R1 (front only had 110 psi and rear was 120psi! Note:  put 240psi front and 290psi rear. 🙂

There were something like hundreds of bikes on Karak Hiway as we trudge through the quite heavy traffic that morning. There were at least four different groups of convoys that we had to pass. Harleys/easy riders, mid-range streets/naked, and a few sports bike plus some adventure-touring bikes.

Stopped for re-fuel and easing ourselves at Termerloh RnR with the clock at about 10.00am.  The service station was flocked with bikers.  Good to note that they are as friendly as we were…. hehehehe…

After a bottle of water each, we continued our journey exiting Gambang.  Stopped at the toll area to check  out a weird flapping sound that I was experiencing throught out the ride.  And it was caused by…….  my torn shoe sole! hahahaha… What did I do?  Tali rafia larrr…. hehehehe…

 photo 20160305_114017.jpg

Also, Haji Amir’s bike must have a had an over-the-limit vibration…. his rear brake oil reservoir clip came loose – its screw came off!  So, a bit of McGyver was applied… hehehehehe….

 photo 20160305_114030.jpg

Ok, the minor problems were solved.  But our biggest problem was still unresolved.  Where do we go from there?  No one seem to know exactly where our final destination will be, although we agree that it will be a makan place… 🙂

 photo IMG-20160305-WA0008.jpg
Hj Amir’s turn for a thumb’s up….

He enjoyed the ride very much… 🙂

Called up Kudir, and he directed us to Jaman Tory Resepi  at Taman Indera Mahkota.  The food was up to our taste standard… although we did not eat much.  As Mzac put it..”makan sikit jer.. puyuh dan ayam kampung goreng, daging salai kuak kuning, patin goreng ngan bawang cili, tempoyak dan ulam serta ikan jeruk jer…”  Jazakallah Haji Amir for the treat!

By the way, couldn’t really find the way at first.  Luckily I stumble upon my relative, Datuk Zul whom happened to be at the bank when we stopped nearby to it to get ourselves sorted.  He gave us a crystal clear direction to the restaurant.  And he also joined us for the great lunch.  Kudir arrived just in time to place the order.  But, Kudir did not makan anything except for a piece of ayam kampung and puyuh goreng… he already had lunch at home (at least that was what he claimed… ).

With Datuk Zul

It was already past 2.00pm when we bid both Datuk Zul and Kudir adieu.  Stop at a service station near Kg. Pandan (Kuantan Bypass) to re-fuel and solat.  Then it was all the way back, stopping at Petronas Bentong (on the hiway) for another refuel (Haji Amir’s fuel gauge was already blinking).  It was raining heavily along the way.  If i recall correctly, somewhere before Maran RnR, the visibility was terrible due to the heavy downpour.   We were soaked!  Could feel water building up in my shoes.  But by the time we stopped at Bentong, we were almost dry… 🙂

 photo 20160305_150946.jpg

After a bottle of mineral water and a slice of waffle, we continued… arriving Gombak toll just after 5.00pm… Nostalgic moment (at least for me…) there.. could not recall when was the last time I lepak there after a ride to Awana, Genting or Bukit Tinggi… those were the days….  Nowadays, prefer to do the North or South routes…  too many weekenders doing the popular Awana/Genting/Bukit Tinggi biker’s haven…

 photo IMG-20160305-WA0072.jpg
Just like the good old days…

It started to rain again when we got to Gombak toll.  So, we waited for the rain to simmer – a good 20 minutes or so.  Then, we bid farewell…. hopefully our next get together will be at most in two weeks’ time… if not next weekend… 🙂



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