the eternal itch…

Tuesday 9th Feb: “Bila mau ride lagi ni Hj. Sab?” asked Mzac in our little whatsapp group.

 photo Screenshot_2016-02-17-13-20-11.jpg

Mzac has gotten back his riding itch… which is a very good thing… 🙂

Well, he’s not the only one.  I myself have found a renewed spirit to ride.  It does not really matter to me if the ride is just an easy breakfast ride or a longer full day ride to nowhere specific or even an overnight ride.  What matters are the rides and even more, the get-together with friends.

And on this fine Saturday morning, Mzac, Faizal and yours truly met up for the second time this year for a breakfast ride.  And, more importantly, Nox and Don also joined the ride.  I am positive that more UOMOs will partake in rides and outings in the coming weekends.

Initially, I wanted to take out the R1 on this ride.  But after Nox said that he will be joining, I rode the GSA instead.  Nox is the guy to consult on technical stuff – especially of BMWs… 🙂  Plus he will always have videos… Check out the video of this ride on Nox’s “Two Wheels and a Nut” blog.

 photo IMG-20160213-WA0003.jpg
and…. what was that?


 photo 20160213_081019.jpg
Nox the techie-man

I was expecting one or two more riders to join this ad-hoc outing.  But it was not to be.  Anyway, five is a very good number for a casual ride such as this.

I over-estimated the time it would take us from Dengkil RnR to P.D.  I thought it would be at least one hour and a half.  Boy was I wrong.  It took us less than an hour to arrive P.D.  And this Kopitiam was just getting warmed up for business.  We had to wait more than half an hour to get our simple egg on toast and coffee!  Not their fault and they normally open for business at 9.30 am or so.  And we arrived about fifteen minutes early.

 photo 20160213_093605.jpg
L-R: Nox, Mzac, Sabri, Faizal & Don

A bit later, Ghaz joined us also.  He came all the way from Rembau just to be with ole-friends.  Thanks Ghaz 🙂

 photo 20160213_103419.jpg


 photo 20160213_093915.jpg

It was already close to noon when we decided to disperse. Faizal & Don headed home, while Nox, Mzac and me made our way yo Auto Bavaria in Glenmarie to meet up with Idrus and Rik.

 photo 20160213_145608.jpg
Rik’s GSA versus the Red-G @ Reggie @ Raji 🙂

We spent a good two hour in the showroom that day.  Apart from Idrus whom was shopping for a bike – specifically the GSA, Noz was also “looking around”.  His only condition was (still is) that he needed to sell his C600 first before even considering buying the R1200 (GS-LC?, R?).

 photo IMG-20160213-WA0086.jpg
Nox trying the R1200R for size

But one thing was for sure.  After some persuasions and encouragement, Nox agreed to sit on the GS.   I was surprised that he had not sat on one before!


 photo IMG-20160213-WA0097.jpg
Nox was all smiles as his feet touches the floor 🙂

Well, we just have to wait to see if Nox decide to upgrade. And when he so decide, we need to also wait to see what bike he will going for.  One thing is for sure – the GS has crept into Nox’s list of bike to consider… 🙂

 photo IMG-20160213-WA0034.jpg
Mzac also didn’t want to miss out on the “test for size” episode 🙂

What about Mzac then?  From what I could see and tell… he would still remain as the President of Unconcious Old Men… hehehehe…

 photo 20160213_121925.jpg
me?  I know I am a tad too short for the GSA 😦

That’s all for now folks!

Happy trails…..



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