and the verdict is…

It has been nine days since I got the GSa.  And it has been nine days she’s parked. I have not ridden the bike at all after Nizam brought it over more that a week ago.

Monday, 25th Jan. It’s a public holiday today – a replacement for Thaipusam that was on Sunday (yesterday). This was an extended weekend.

Saturday went by so quickly.  Spent the morning doing a bit of house works, then off to Jugra to fetch Mira at the matriculation college.

Sunday, whole morning till late noon, was with Ustaz Asyraf whom were in town for a meeting since Friday.  Took him to Kg. Baru for breakfast. Then, I went to Pertama to buy a present for Afif (his birthday this day). Ustaz Asyraf went back to Quality Hotel for his meeting.  We later met up again at Auto Bavaria in Shah Alam – feasting our eyes with the latest be-em bikes there.

Late afternoon, asked friends through two of my whatsapp groups if anyone wanted to go for breakfast the next morning.  Three friends responded positively.

And, today (Monday) morning, just after 7.30am, the GSa was ready to test my ability to tame her.
 photo 20160125_074416.jpg

I have not… never before ridden a GSa.  The closest to it would probably be the Versy650 which I tested sometimes early last year.

As I rode out of my driveway, the bike don’t feel as heavy as when I was pushing it out to the gate.  Although it felt a bit awkward the first few kilometres, I quickly adapted to the ride-position, the power delivery and the general handling of this new-to-me bike type.  The ride position is similar to the scooter’s that I use for work commute.  But the handlebar is slightly wider. Not that its a point for complaint, but it has been a very long while since I rode a wide handle bar (that’ll be since my uni days when I was with a scrambler).

So, all the way from home riding through NKVE to RnR Sg. Buloh where the riders will meet up for today’s ride, I was only getting acquainted to the GSa.

Firstly, the front felt heavy.  Did not look at the speedometer what my speed was, but steering was not as nimble compared to the R1.  Of course!  Two worlds apart.  And it was expected.  Secondly, and probably the only other thing that I need to be careful about is the bike’s seating height.  With a slightly thicker soled shoes that I wore, I still only manage to tip-toe when both legs are down from the foot pegs. This as I learned immediately upon arriving at the RnR.  When stopping, I almost lost my balance due to wrong footing – plus the pavement surface was a bit sloping at the place I stopped.

And so there they were, Mzac, Zack and Faizal, waiting for me whom was last to arrive at the rv place (RnR Sg Buloh).  I was not late though. Got there just after 8.00am.

They were already finishing their cup of tea.  But Faizal insisted that I too should have a cup.

 photo IMG-20160125-WA0082_1.jpg

We spent the next twenty minutes or so getting re-acquainted.  The thing is, I knew Faizal from another biking fraternity (BNG), while I became close friends with Zack and Mzac from the biking forum (now defunct), SBM.  So, basically I knew all three of them but Zack and Mzac have never met Faizal before.

Anyway, after a quick refuelling at the nearby station, we were off on the PLUS Highway heading towards Bidor, our destination for today’s ride.

Zack led the pack.  Initially going at around 150km/h, but he pushed to around 200 not long after.  Alhmadulillah, by then, I was already very comfortable with the GSa.  In fact, it felt like I have been riding the GSa for a while before this first ride…

The GSa grew into you (me) that quickly.  And by the time we exited at Bidor interchange, I was confident enough to lean into the bend of that exit.  All smiles 🙂  And as we arrived at our destination for breakfast – Mee Kari Ramli Bidor – I subtlely realised something was different in this ride as compared to all the trips I’ve made before.  My hands were not strenuous at all. hehehehe….

Now, the story about this ride… i.e. the breakfast… 🙂

 photo IMG-20160125-WA0031.jpg

what we came for: mee kari, mee sup & mee kicap..

 photo IMG-20160125-WA0032.jpg

A swell breakfast indeed.  Nothing fancy, but most delicious.  Most recommended.

We arrived at this makan place at around 9.30am.  Spent slightly less than an hour there, then Zack suggested we go back via the inner (federal) road.  This road would take us through Teluk Intan, then Sekinchan before reaching Kuala Selangor and back to Shah Alam / Nilai / Salak Tinggi.  Mzac and me lives in Shah Alam while Zack and Faizal hails from Nilai / Salak Tingi area.

 photo 20160125_103024.jpg

favourable bike parking area at this Ramli’s place

It was already coming to midday when we ride out of the breakfast place.  And Zack indicated that if we were lucky, there could be mentarang in Sekinchan.  As they say, we kept our fingers crossed.. 🙂

Just before Teluk Intan, we made a quick stop for the three guys to refuel.  The GSa?  there were still half tank of gas…. hehehe…  one of the perks of this bike.

 photo 20160125_105403.jpg

 photo 20160125_105456.jpg

 photo 20160125_105505.jpg

 photo 20160125_105357.jpg

while waiting for them to fill up their tanks… 🙂

 photo 20160125_105303.jpg

The stretch from Teluk Intan to Sekinchan then thru Kuala Selangor to Puncak Alam proved to be most exciting for the GSa… or rather for me riding the GSa… 🙂

With bumps and patches plus uneven road surfaces throughout the stretch, the GSa really lived up to its reputation.  Smooth and comfortable ride, despite the road condition.  While Zack was leading the pack, I was close behind him (the speed, averaging around 120km/h) but Faizal and Mzac had chosen to take it slower – for obvious reasons… hehehe…  In fact, the first comments that came from them when we stopped for lunch in Sekinchan was “you really enjoyed that huh… “  🙂  Yes I did!  And Zack…. said that he purposely didn’t slow down or braked on bumps and humps to see if I braked or slowed down.  But I did not… so I passed the “ride a GSa” test… hahahahaha…

Now, back to the mentarang story.  We were indeed blessed as its in season.  What more, the size of those snails were biggg… XXL, as Zack put it.

 photo IMG-20160125-WA0044.jpg

Zack ordered a kg each in soup and bbq’d.  Both were superbly delicious.  But the soup was something else – nothing that I’ve tasted before.  And, for Mzac and Faizal, both have never, and that’s like this is their first time ever to eat the mentarang!  And they really, really, really liked it!

 photo IMG-20160125-WA0042.jpg

And when you couple the mentarang with coconut water (juice), nothing could be better at the time.  I mean, it was scorching hot as it was already noon when we arrived this mentarang cafe, but the coconut soothed us… hahahaha…

 photo IMG-20160125-WA0043.jpg

Ah well, like all good things, it must come to an end sooner or later.  Though we wanted to laze around (mostly because of the intense heat outside), the clock was already coming to past one in the afternoon.  As we called for the bill, Zack again pulled a surprise when he suggested that I pack a kilo of the souped mentoring for my wife and kids at home – after all, as he said, I have the tong (the panniers) to carry the “bounty”… hehehe..

So, we waited a while longer while the chef prepared the mentarang soup for me to tapau (take away). It wasn’t that long a wait… and in less than ten minutes later, we were on our way home.

The bunch parted ways as we reached Shah Alam.  When I arrived home, it was already quarter to three.  And the “bounty”…..

 photo 20160125_144447.jpg

Flooded the “tong” – probably from the jump and humps of the rough road from Sekinchan to Puncak Alam…  But fret not… as there were still enough soup left when it was served to the family…. which lasted less than five minutes… it was that delicious!

 photo 20160125_145427.jpg

That was that.  A swell ride.  I know that Zack, Faizal and Mzac enjoyed this outing as much as I did.  Well…. maybe I enjoyed it a tad bit more… hehehehe… and I’m sure you know why.

Which brings us to this… the verdict… of what?  of the GSa, of course… since this was my maiden ride with her.

 photo IMG-20160125-WA0025.jpg

And, the verdict is in… and (drumrollllllllll)…

Why didn’t I get this bike earlier??!!#@#


Till the next outing… may Allah keep us safe and healthy always…


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