Dream comes true?

I could not really recall when was it that I started to tell myself that “ultimately, I have to get a be-em…”  But it was quite long ago.  Definitely after I sold the Fireblade…

Today 16th day into the first month 0f the year two-thousand 16.

 photo 20160116_105405.jpg

Today would be the first day the GSA moved from JB to her new home.  An endless gratitude to my longtime buddy Nizam whom has done a good job at planting the seed of “GSA is the be-em for you” mindset in me.

When I told myself that I should ultimately get a be-em, the bike I had in mind was the R1200RT.  That bike, I thought, would be ideal “for easing down from sports bike to super touring” before the natural path of retiring altogether from bike riding due to restrictions of age and body condition.  Like it or not, that will happen naturally for even the ardent bikers.  And I am not oblivious to this fact.

It was only recently that I began to reconsider the GS. Talking to few people whom are very “into” be-em bikes, and from reading on wide world of web write up and reviews, I found myself beginning to buy in into the idea of a dual purpose or a cross country bike.  Not sure exactly how long it took me to change from “I am getting and RT” to “ok, it will the GS for me, but I changed my mind.  So, I started to look around for a GS (even though I do not really have the funds to buy one… hahahaha).  Note:  looking for a GS not a GSA.

In February 2015 (a year ago… wow!), I began to seriously “shopping” for a GS.  Nizam, whom himself own a GSA for over a year then, introduced the seller (Ahmad) to me.  After meeting him and after two weeks of whatsapp communications, nothing materialised.  At the same time Nizam was also looking to trade his 2012 GSA for a 2015 GSA-LC.  And that was when he began to (with subtlety) influence me that the GSA would be a better choice. And to think that I was just sold on the idea of changing from favouring GT over RT at the time. GSA to me was too big and furthermore would cost a bit more than the GS.

Anyway, a few months later, end of July, I responded to an ad in mudahdotmy.  And I almost bought that white 2011 R1200GS. Almost.  My financials were not favourable then (errr… still is not that favourable now).  So, despite shaking hands on a RM67K deal with that friend of Syed Hasnan (a close relative), I shamefully had to call that deal off just barely two months later when I could not put my financials in positive order.  But despite that, my hope and will to get a GS was still strong.  So, I spent the coming months around savings as much as I could put aside to at least come up with a credible amount for a downpayment.

Few things was happening at the same time by then.  I considered buying a brand new GS LC from Motorrad Malaysia.  I considered liquidating my under-utilised assets (that would be the R1 and the 4X4).  But me being me, I just could not let go of those toys… huhuhuhu…

Before I know it, events and circumstances changed.

One of the main reasons I wanted to get a GS was my Ayah.  He was mostly bedridden after a stroke in early 2014.  Thus I wanted to visit him as much as I could.  And I thought the best way was by riding and not driving.  I know it sounds unreasonable or illogical.  But that was my thinking.  But that didn’t happen.  Ayah passed away on 30th August 2015. And so does my desire to get a GS… faded… I no longer had reasons… not until Nizam knocked some sense into my brain

Early October, Nizam whatsapp’d asking about my “plan to upgrade” to which I responded that it was “on hold indefinitely..”.  But in that few days, things took a drastic turn.  Nizam’s GSA was already with Rasniaga for more than a month.  I was not aware then that Nizam had actually made arrangement to sell his GSA through Rasniaga and also to buy a new GSA-LC from them.  Somehow or rather, through our whatsapp messaging, I happen to indicate that I may consider buying a GSA… to which Nizam again asked if I was interested in his bike.  When responded positively, he immediately arranged to travel from JB a few days later.

We met up at Rasniaga, and talked about our “deal”.  It was sketchy but in essence I agreed to buy his GSA.  And the plan was for me to immediately take the bike that same day from Rasniaga’s showroom.  However, the plan didn’t materialise….

Nizam and his JowoRiders group had already planned on a Borneo ride taking place around end of November.  And his was banking on getting his already booked GSA-LC from Rasniaga well before that planned trip.  But that same day, Haji Zul of Rasniaga gave him the bad news about delays in the shipment of bikes that included the one meant for Nizam.  It won’t arrive in time for Nizam’s trip.  Thus, our earlier agreement “had to be cancelled”, as Nizam put to me then.

End of November, Nizam was on that Borneo adventure ride.  After he came back from that trip, we didn’t communicate much.  It was already end of December when I finally text him on the status of his bike. Apparently the bike was ferried from Kota Kinabalu to Kelang via the sea.  I thot they had moved the bikes by cargo plane.  Thus it took a while.

I didn’t hear anything from Nizam until 14th of Jan, when Nizam whatsapp’d to inform me that he was on a bus from JB going to Klang to “take care” of the GSA.

Friday 15th Jan, close to midnight, Nizam came-a-calling.  We talked and “negotiated” until past 3.00am 🙂  And that was that.

The red-black 2012 GSA with mileage close to her valve adjustment due period…. so they say… is now parked under my porch…

Jazakallah Nizam for making my dream come true.




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