Time flies.

So quick.

Could not recall when was the last time I went on a long haul, or at least a full day ride (like, leave home in the morning only to get back just before dark or around mid afternoon).  However I do know this.  The R1’s road tax expired on 7th November 2014.  Just had it renewed on 22nd October this year – a mere two weeks before a full year with no road tax. 🙂

Had it crosses the full year, the bike would need to be Puspakom-inspected before renewal can be done.  And I did flout the law when I rode the bike on at least two occasions without insurance or road tax! My bad…

10th May – no road tax – rode to Bandar Baru Nilai on Zack’s small kenduri.  Not really a credible ride, though on our return leg we took the long way home, stopping by in Morib purportedly for a bike event.


 photo IMG-20150510-WA0093.jpg

Well, that was that.  And it was the only group ride for 2015.

After having the road tax renewed, I thot of giving the bike a spin around Klang Valley on one Saturday end of November – warm the engine up (panaskan enjoin), so to speak.  But (no surprise!), the battery was flat and “kong”.  What do I expect?  Its been more that six months since I last started the bike… ha ha ha ha… The battery? beyond salvage… bought a new one on 2oth December (this is for record purposes… :-))

 photo 20151206_103938.jpg
As I am writing this blog entry, it is already 29th December… few more days to the new year.  And, I have not yet installed the new battery.  It can wait.  I will do it next year… ha ha ha ha.

Time still fly.



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