“Allahummaghfir lahu warhamhu, wa’aafihi wa’fu ‘anhu, wa akrim nuzulahu, wa wassi’ madkhalahu, waghsilhu bil-ma’i watstsalji wal-baradi.”

“Ya Allah, ampunilah dia, dan kasihanilah dia dan sejahterakanlah serta ampunilah dosa kesalahan dia”.

I could not recall the last time we spoke, but the last ride we had together was way back in May 2013.  I have not been very active for quite a number of years after 2010.  My rides were few and wide apart.  In fact my blogging has also dimmed since before that year. I started to write a memoir of my biking life, but has not been able to continue after writing the supposedly “part 1” of the memoir.

Dahlan passed away today – during the last few days of our holy month Ramadhan.  The news came as an absolute shocker.  He met with an accident while riding his son’s Kawasaki ER6N… An accident that could not have easily been avoided by anyone. If anyone could have, Dahlan would be that person.  But it was not meant to be.

Well, this blog entry will not be about reminiscing of those good ole’ days of riding together.  But rather, this is as a remembrance of the day I lost not only a very close friend, but my riding sifu whom have taught me most of what I know as a superbiker.




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