Weekend d’Kampung

(note:  this entry was made in December 2015… hehehehe)

Could not remember the details, but (yet again) Capt. Azizi mooted the idea to balik kampung… and checking that my calendar was free, I mentally agreed.

And there we were, after Friday prayers on 26th September 2014 – Capt. Azizi, Rik, Idrus and yours truly – met up at BhP after Gombak toll plaza after overcoming some hurdles.  Hurdles?  Yepp… you read it right.  Rik has been without a bike for a while after selling off his Kawi Versys 1000.  Azizi had made made a deal with Rasniaga to “test ride” a R1200GS.  Azizi himself rode his GSA which he bought from Rasniaga on this trip.

However, when Rik went to the shop to pick up the bike, it had some mechanical problem that could not be resolved.  Luckily Idrus was willing to ride two up on his KTM900SM… hehehe…

 photo 20140926_152253.jpg

And so, there we were – two adventure touring bikes versus my old trusted sports R1… some people say a mismatched pack… but who cares???  We ride what we ride.  yeah?  🙂

 photo 20140926_152238.jpg

Anyway….  here are some pictures of our stops..

 photo 20140926_155522.jpg
 photo 20140926_190655.jpg
 photo 20140926_190715.jpg

Since we left KL quite late in the afternoon, it was already dusk when we passed Gua Musang.  We arrived Machang sometimes around 9.00pm (or maybe a bit later).  Stopped for dinner after exiting the Kuala Krai-Kota Baru roadway at the”Kedai Sup” along the Machang-Tanah Merah road just around the corner of that exit.Since I will be going back to Besut, Azizi to KB and Rik+Idrus to Pasir Mas, we parted ways after the dinner.  I however, made another stop to meet up Farabi, a friend whom is living in Machang.


Saturday, 27th September 2014.  It was a loose plan sort of.  I have made arrangements with my childhood friends to go a boat-slash-fishing trip.  Idrus was included in the plan and was supposed to follow me to Besut.  But with the turn of event with Rik earlier, Idrus went to Rik’s hometown instead.  And they were not keen to join me on the boat trip.
However, early Saturday morning, they decided to join me after all.  So, the three of us plus few of my childhood buddies went on the half day excursion to Pulau Perhentian waters.
 photo 20140927_141345.jpg
Wan Sufian, one of the childhood friend.  The others are Lias and Zaki, the boat owner.
The day was filled with fishing and fishing and we only got back late in the afternoon.  Idris and Rik made their way back to Pasir Mas (Rik’s hometown) just before maghrib.
Sunday, 28th September:  The return leg of our weekend in the east coast.  Hot hot day… made a number of stops.
 photo 20140928_130326.jpg

But mostly its a slow and steady ride….

 photo 20140928_181702.jpgwhen we arrived Gombak, i was already nightfall.

 photo 20140928_191329.jpg
Everyone reporting back to their loved ones….

And, that my friends, is about it.  Not much “happenings” (= safe). But as always, it was a swell and meaningful outing.
 Geng SBM A+


 photo 20140926_152537.jpg

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