Breakfast @ PD….. again

Weekend rides is becoming regular nowadays among the U.O.M.O.s….. At least for some of us.  There is bound to be a ride either on Saturday or Sunday after Hj. Capt. Azizi got his new GSA – though I have not been able to join him just yet… 🙂

Well…. despite that, and holding true to the breakie spirit, Zack, Drifter and me re-visited the Bangi Kopitiam in PD again today.  And I even surprised myself that I was able to be at the RV point (Dengkil RnR) right about the agreed timing – well… maybe slightly late… by 10minutes I think.. 🙂

Zack and Drifter was (as usual) already at the RV place – anxiously waiting for my arrival.  So, the moment I pulled up at the service station, Drifter signaled for an immediate move out!  So, we moved out lah…. 🙂


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