Durian: 17th Nov 2013

I feel that time is passing by very quickly nowadays.  Weeks gone by before I realized that nothing significant has been done.  Probably the daily routine of going to office and back as well as the weekend’s commitment of visiting the kids at their hostel has put everything else in the background.  The limelight is the daily and weekly routines. *sigh*

In reflecting the “good ole days”, I can’t really put my fingers on what has changed.  It was not too long ago I was swapping between my three main weekend activities – 4X4, motorcyle and MTB.  4X4 – a full year has lapsed since last I went on an outing.  MTB – hurmmm… I cycled only twice earlier this year!

There is still hope yet for my motorcycling weekend.  The Kuala Kalwang ride was my most recent activity – and that was in June!  😦

Since then, I had to pass a few invites for short rides due to the “routine” weekend family commitment.  Thus, when school year ends, and when Zakir @ ZackFZ1 suggested a “Ride makan durian” one week earlier, I immediately agreed to join.  (Didn’t know that Zack’s family have a fruit orchard in Sengarang – his childhood hometown.)

Two basket full!

Saturday morning, I was already late for the 9:00am RV at Shell s/s next to Nouvelle Hotel before Sg Besi toll gate (PLUS hiway).  Initially, I was under the impression that they would be only ZackFZ1 since Drifter backed out at the last minute.  As it turned out, Zack had also invited his buddies from the FZ1 forum.  So there they were, four Fazers and one CB4, was already waiting for me when I pulled up into the service station.  Apart from ShahSrad and ZackFZ1, I have not met the other three guys before.  Alas… I now could not remember their names!

All Yammy except the CB4

After five months’ of being parked, the R1’s tyre pressure was totally out!  When I re-inflate ’em at this service station, the front pressure was at 20psi and the back was at 22psi!  No wonder it felt flimsy on he way here from home… hahahaha….

Anyway, all fueled up (and correctly pressurized!), the group headed out – next stop is Pagoh RnR where two more FZs (from Muar) will be joining today’s leisure ride.

Bikes in View

In slightly less than an hour… we were already at Pagoh RnR.  Puffing, re-hydrating and for some a late breakfast.  I was quite amused that there are still people who are curious and interested with big bikes.  As we sat drinking and chatting away, with our bikes parked just across the road where we seated, curious and interested onlookers were seen admiring the parked bikes.

Puff puff and re-hydrate at Pagoh RnR

All re-hydrated and rested, about half an hour later, we were ready to resume the ride.

Leaving Pagoh RnR

Next stop, Yong Peng Utara exit.  It was quite a wait before by long-time riding buddy Haji Nizam arrived with his friend Haji Kamal.  Abeawe, also from Johor arrived earlier.

@ Yong Peng Utara exit

Just before leaving the Yong Peng rv location, I hopped onto Nizam’s GTR1400 – in exchange he was “forced” to ride my RI which by the way was the only sports bike on today’s ride  🙂

I have to say, it was a most comfortable ride I have had this far!  In comparison, its like driving a beat up compact car on my R1 whereas the GTR felt like driving a full scale comfortable luxury car!  Could this be the trigger for a change in me?  hurmmm….


at Zack’s umah atok

Reps from JB


The durian was aplenty!  All we can eat and yet we couldn’t finish the two basket full that Zack’s mum collected that day.  On to top it all, we were invited to a wedding reception at a neighboring house.  Well, despite the full stomach from our durian feast, most went for second helping!  The food at this kenduri was most delicious!


No time for rest though.  Immediately after the kenduri, we decided to head back to our respective home.  Nizam and Hj Kamal decided to follow the KL group to Pagoh.  The return trip saw us taking a different route – could not tell what its was as I only followed the leader ahead!  All I know is, we stopped at Pagoh toll gate.   We parted ways – the KL group and the two JB riders (Nizam & Hj Kamal) – at this Pagoh toll.


Arrived home safely at 7.30pm, after a brief stop at Dengkil RnR with ShamSrad (who now rides the FZ1).

It was a refreshing ride.  Corners?  Yupp… a short burst during the Senggarang and Pagoh return leg. Oherwise, it was a fast hiway stretch either way.  No complains!  🙂


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