The CG Project @ CM3943

Browsing through my Facebook the other day, I saw an ad of this 1979 Honda CG125 up for sale.  a quick link to my younger brother Mizi, resulting in the purchase of this “old” (some say its “classic”) bike which I plan to restore to its original state – or at least reapir it to be workable and pleasant looking again  🙂

“as-found” or “as-bought” on 28th June 2013

The desire, at least is for this bike to become as below… but it is a 1980 model.. the difference? essentially its the meter assembly.  The 1980 model sports a square-ish  meter assembly while the 1979 has a round-ish design.

A 1980 model

PHASE 1: Dismantling (barai !!!) the bike

Immediately after paying for this bike, it is dismantled… time to take stock of parts needed replacing..


This exhaust pipe have seen better days!

Rust in Peace!

Where to find an original replacement??

retro at its best….

Wiring still looks good.. 🙂


Phase 2: Refurbishment

Mizi’s (<— my brother) friend whom brokered for this bike volunteered to work on the bike.  So, this is not actually my own restoration effort!!!  However…. 🙂

Apart from complete replacement of the swing arm an the exhaust pipe, much of everything else is used back.  Could not find (yet) replacement for the meter assembly (the square-ish type is readily available, but not the circular type as per original on this bike).

All in all, when the bike was returned to us, it looked awesome!

Still to work on –>  polishing the forks and handle bar complete with its bracket; some small leakage from the oil pan (or could be from the crankcase) needed to be checked and repaired; throttle cable a bit stiff (maybe just need oiling or worst case, replacement); polishing the signal brackets; front brake needs repairs (not gripping strong enough); and last but mot least some decals and stripes to make give a makeover look!

Need some stripes?

for keeps? 🙂



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