Kuala Klawang, incidentally…

I was traveling (for my work obviously) during the week of 10th June.  Flew to Suratthani on Tuesday, car ride on Wednesday to Songkhla and flew back on Friday the 14th.

Suratthani Amazon Cafe

Actually I was quite in a bit of dilemma as my big brother had just arrived from kampung the night before.  But, waking up early on Saturday 15th morning, I felt the urge to join an earlier planned “ride to nowhere” by few friends from my SBM fraternity. So i headed to Puchong Gateway, the supposedly RV place for this ride just in time (8.00am as promised) o be surprised the flag off for a group whom would be traversing on two wheels via the “Kembara Dunia 1Malaysia (1MWER 2013)”.  Well, thanks for the free breakfast!

familiar faces… with free breakfast! 🙂

There were ten of us whom left before the flag off.  Our destination, originally was to be PD.  But, the leader (Hj Azizi @ A-Bren) took us through LEKAS highway, exiting Mantin then straight to Kuala Klawang!  The familiar Petronas service station is the pitstop in Klawang.  Apparently two riders (Syed @ ShadowRider and his wife Gigli) broke away from the convoy and made their way to Senawang!

After the break at Senawang, the group then seperated into two.  Four riders (Hj Azizi, Drifter, Lonetrekkie and Farid whom  by the way in breaking-in his new BMW GS700) would continue to Rompin, while me and three others (Apokalips, Usin and the Mat Salleh on ZX10R whom is Drifter’s boss at work as I understand it) will be heading back via the Sungai Tekali to Hulu Langat route –>  reverse from my previous week ride with Dahlan and DocZool.

Well, I am becoming more comfortable with the short corners (again) after being in hiatus from riding the twisties for a couple of years now.  Hopefully, I can make more similar rides in the days to come!



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