Kuala Klawang

Saturday. 25 May 2013. Original plan, breakfast in PD with Dr. Zool. Last minute, changed to “layan kona” Kuala Klawang as Masta Dahlan also joined.

Three bikes, three riders – R1, CBR954 and ZZR600 – Me, docZool and masta Dahlan.

Just Like Old Times

It really has been a very very very longggggg while since last I really ride it (as in “layan kona” or “ride the twisties”). Could very well be the Cameron ride a couple of years back! And that also was with Dahlan….

The route this time around was the normal for any “Kuala Klawang track” riders would take. From Pekan Batu 14 Hulu Langat, take the Sungai Tekali road, then follow the signs to Kuala Klawang! Then return through Rembau and Rantau before hitting the hiway for a high speed ride back.

Well, truth be told, I was totally off form!!! in terms of cornering skills as well as response to ride barriers.  While the twisted road was (and has always been) heaven on earth for bikers, it was a complete spook for me.  Goes to prove, I need to be on the bike more… 🙂

Nice ride, though.  short and quick (got home at noon) ….



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