Betong Scouts

2013 will be a challenging year for me – balancing between my worklife with my family-time and my many hobbies!

I have brushed aside many opportunities at work when it involves a lot of travel.  But, there’s only so much that a person can ward off.  It will catch up with you sooner or later – and that later is 2013 for me.  Tis the year that I have been tasked with a new role that command and demand travelling around Asia Pacific region!  What a drag….

This was why when an idea to ride across our northern border was mooted by Capt Hj Azizi a.k.a CAH @ A-bren earlier in the year, I was with mixed reactions (whether to quickly sign-up or immediately brush off).  On my calendar, I had line up work-travels from the second week of Jan all the way to end March, with a few yet-to-confirm periods in between.  And the ride to Betong Thailand was already locked to be on 1st to 3rd February . Luck was on my side.  That weekend of 1st Feb was sandwiched between the two weeks that I would not be travelling abroad!  So, I have time to balance between work-travel, funleisure-travel, and spending time at home!  Alhamdulillah…. when the ride was discussed with the wifey, she (albeit some reluctance) was okay with it.  So, just three days before the D-day, I confirmed participation.

D-day: 1st February 2013, Friday.  A public holiday in KL where my workplace is located.  The agreed RV time was 7.30 (or was it 8.00am?) at RnR Sungai Buloh.  From the ride-roster, there were supposed to be 11 participants from KL and 3 from Ipoh/Perlis.

Mr. Fry (middle)… seeing the group off.. or rather.. seeing his scoot off (ridden by ZoolMD)

When we finally rolled out of the RnR at 9.00am or thereabout, there were eight VTS200 with nine people – the extra one was Ee, Zulfa’s soulmate.  So there we were – Capt Hj Zizi, Rik, Idrus, Wan, Ashraf, Doc Zool, Zulfa + Ee, and yours truly – on our way to the land of elephants. The plan was to exit at Tanjong Malim and enjoy the countryside roadways all the way unti Ipoh where Superyan will be hosting us lunch.  And exit Tanjung Malim we did after slightly less than an hour worth of ride later.  However, we had to stop for quite a bit for some minor hiccup with Zulfa’s steed.

the VTS exhaust pipe are made of stainless steel all the way to the end can!

That set us back by about two hours!  We were supposed to arrive Nash Gazebo in Ipoh (Simpang Pulai, Jalan Batu Gajah) for an early lunch at around 11.00am.  But with this unplanned stop at Tanjong Malim, it’s coffee time….

a rather extended coffee time… 🙂

By the time repairs on the exhaust of Zulfa’s scoot were done, the time was already 11.30am.  So, the plan to ride through the inner road was cancelled, and its back to the highway for a quicker journey to Ipoh.  We need to arrive ipoh before 1.00pm as being a Friday, we wanted to catch the Friday solat on time!

Alhamdulillah we arrived Nash Gazebo at around 11.45am…. just in time for a most scrumptuous and delicious lunch (on Superyan – jazakallah Yan!).  A sidenote: I really salute the Ipoh group of biker-friends.  They are always there when you need them, and will greet and meet anyone whom drop by in Ipoh!  Kudos guys!

Now back to the ride story… 🙂  Although we arrived Ipoh on time, Zulfa’s bike actually broke down somewhere near Simpang Pulai’s RnR.  While descending a hilly section of the highway, he lost the final drive –  damaged drive belt.  Luckily I had ready a towing cable.  So, Azuwan towed Zulfa scoot (with me riding it while Zulfa and Ee took over mine) until we arrived Simpang Pulai toll.

can you see the yellow towing rope?

Lunch at Nash Gazebo…. birthday boy standing… 🙂

The decision to make was whether Zulfa (+Ee) wanted to stop in Ipoh and see to their scoot or would they want to continue the journey?  Well, first thing first. Right after a very delicious lunch, its already zohor – or rather Jumaat prayer’s time.  The lot of us made our way to the nearby masjid.

the masjid

masjid kampung… nyaman….

Our obligations done for the day.  The decision was Zulfa will continue – taking over Doc Zool’s borrowed scoot (Fry’s). And all this because of the second mishap with Zulfa’s steed.  A reasonable worrying wreck if I may say so myself… 🙂

the transfer gear “gone”… not that easy to get parts in Ipoh.

Thanks to Kay of (ex) Bikers Kitchen… whom gladly volunteered to see that this “Peugeot” is taken care of by a local workshop.

Jazakallah Kay!

When we headed out of Ipoh, it was already half past three.  And it was scorching hot! Pushing on – with just one “sleepy” stop just before Gerik, we arrived at Pengkalan Hulu in Baling just after 6.00pm.  The two friends – Napie and Hasmizal has been waiting for our arrival since noon!  Salute guys…..

topping up our tanks at Pengkalan Hulu

Northern meeting Central…
L-R: Rik, Wan, yourstruly, Mizal

Napie filling out the immigration form… RM2 “donation” don’t forget arr when “chopping” passport 🙂

Nothing much happened upon our arrival at the hotel just before Maghrib time.  Checked in, freshen up, solat, then go out for dinner.

quite a dear dinner – roughly RM25 per pax 😦

Day two 2nd Feb – Betong town:  Early morning most of us was ready for breakfast.  I had the opportunity to pillion ride Ashraf went-a-scouting for breakfast place.

Obviously, Wan belum mandi… hehehehe…

And we settled for this small shop just before Betong town (coming from border) – which is about five hundred meters away from our hotel.

all smiles after having nasi kerabu, nasi dagang, pulut etc…

Back at the hotel from breakfast, we met this fellow biker from Ipoh – 69 year young “Oldman Wong” whom rides a Yammy FZ1  ~ kudos to you biker!

guess riding kept him healthy and happy…

semuanya licinnnn….

Its been a longggggg ride… but had to stop for re-fuel also maaaa…

Ostad Asyraf joined us somewhere around Lenngong and escorted us all the way to this Simpang Pulai RnR (which by the is closed for renovation, except for the service station).

Bidding adieu to Ostad and his son, we are now on our way home 🙂

The boring (slow) ride on the North South hiway….  well, everyone arrived safely their repective homes late that day..

Brief stop… our last one at Behrang Layby…. before going our own way.. home 🙂

Swell trip. Cheers!


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