The Last Homage

Originally this was a planned ride to Baim’s in-law somewhere after Karak for “makan durian“.  However, early that Sunday morning, we received the sad news that our friend from SBM, Capt Asyrul @ Silverchair passed away early morning – he was battling luekemia which only few closet friend knew about.  Personally, I’ve only met him twice although we interacted a lot in the SBM forum…  it has like we’d known each other decades.

Siverchair’s Home – his last place on earth…..

The ride group decided to detour and pay our last homage….  Innalillahiwainnalilahirojiun

in Taman Rasah Jaya, Seremban… Arwah Asyrul (Silverchair) hometown…

After lunch, and after a quick poll, most agreed to proceed to Baim’s.  Hj Azizi @ kakyam led the way, through Kuala Kelawang to Karak right to Baim’s in-law’s place in Chemor.  Apparently his in-lawas have already prepared a kenduri (ikan patin masak lemak being the main dish).

And afterwards..

While waiting for the durian to be collected from the kebun, this homestead is surrounded by rambutan!

The durian pickers…

The Loot!

The bikes

The Loyal R1

Around 6pm, it started to rain, but that did not hinder us from riding back!  Final stop at Gombak lay by… all wet…

A quick “check-in” to loved ones by some of us  🙂

Wet, but the day’s ride ended with a happy stomach…

Some more pictures from this ride

Rik updating others whom could not visit….

Syed Mazhar @ Shadowrider giving a thumbs up for Nox’s BMW C600



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