need to re-energize?

The bike has been resting a lot these days.  Why… the last time she breathed was on on the short excursion to Raub in October last year.  Well over six month – and its a no brainer that when I wanted to take her our for a spin last weekend, she refused to wake up!  She has been sleeping much too long  😦   And the consequences of that, her starter relay resigned, and her source of electrical power gave up on her.

While Ive noticed for a while that the lifespan of the starter relay was suspect, it took one rather stupid and risky effort to bring it to an early demise.  What a superbike owner should try to avoid is jump-starting the bike form a revved up car!  And that was what I did, rendering an overload in the circuitry of the relay as well as spoiling the battery.  Friends say it could have been worst!  I guess I was a bit lucky…

While I was not sure at first to the exact problem after a total no-response from the starter switch, I gathered from the net valuables infos and similar experiences from around the world which pointed to the starter relay and battery. Could be either one or could be both – which was my case!

So, a week later (thats today), I shopped around for these two items, and she is ALIVE!!!

Lesson learned:  do not hibernate your bike !!!

in loving memory...
RM30 for the relay (not from our regular superbike workshop)
RM250 for the battery (from our regular superbike workshop)


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