Krabi v2.0

Exhilarating….. !

That’s how I would sum it all in one word.  However, despite the rather slow pace and with some hiccups, this ride was really fun and enjoyable. Some may see it as ambitious, or foolish probably, or crazy even. But the eight of us did it! We rode two thousand kilometers round trip on scooters! What a life experience…  exhilirating, yet joyous!

Afnan @ NoX, Shah, Halim @ Halman, Idrus, Nasa, Razak @ Ajaxin, Asyraf and yours truly.  These are the eight SMOGers that will go down in history as the first scooterists whom are brave enuff to ride long distance on a 171cc moped!

While the preparation was quite tedious, but it was not that complicated.  More than a month prior to this ride, we sort of reminded each other of the do’s and dont’s, the needful, the not necessaries and the what nots for this trip.  Alhamdullillah, our almost daily discussions via our FB group page helped to smoothen the process leading to the trip as well as the trip itself.

Krabi, in particular Ao Nang Beach off Andaman Sea in Thailand is becoming a popular spot for bikers from Malaysia to visit. While most bikers would ride superbikes going there, we thought it would be more fun to do it on scooters.  And so we did!  For me, this would be my second ride to Krabi – first being the R1 Krabi Ride earlier this year.

So, there we were – after almost two months of planning and “talking about it” via our FB group page – meeting up at Sg Buloh RnR in the wee morning of 26th November (Deepavali Day).

First night in Thailand @ Hatyai.  Wednesday has quickly left us as we rode about 600km from KL to Hatyai.

Arrived the pre-booked V.L Hatyai  hotel around 7.30pm.

Early next morning, everyone was forced to be ready by 8:00am local time.  The leader of this trip, NoX, wanted to be sure that we have enuff daylight to cover the ride to Krabi.  The hotel rates did not include breakfast.  Thus, we stopped  at the rather new Restoran Kelantan, in Hatyai town as we headed out for our destination.  While I was full of anticipation from the night before after riding pass this outlet, it was a rather disappointing experience.  While the nasi kukus was delicious in every way, the disappointment lies in the variety of food offered – which was none!  Its either that nasi kukus (granted there were few dishes of lauk to choose from) or nothing.  Not my idea of a Kelantanese food stop!

About 15mins away is the beach town of Songkhla, about 30km North-East of Hatyai. Less tha an hour later, we were crusing along the seaside in Songkhla.  Since its monsoon season, the sea were not as nice it would normally be.

Second night in Thailand @ Ao Nang Beach Resort:  After what was felt like a long day ride, we reached Krabi just after 5.00pm local time.  The first order of business right after checking in was….. rest!  It has been a long day for everyone.  While a few of us decided to take a walk and check out the local scenery, the rest chose to rest  🙂  A good shower and lazing around at the hotel was such a good idea.  Not much happened that evening apart from the routine – dinner, walked along the streets of Ao Nang and the like…

Third night in Thailand, still at Ao Nang Beach Resort:  Earlier this morning, I walked the beach of Ao Nang in hope of seeing the sunrise.  But the sun did not rise as we were on the West Coast! harharhar….


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