Lunch @ Raub

30th September, I had a very late nite out with my ole’ school buddies. Very late indeed…. got back home after 4:00am!  Woke up with less than four hours of sleep, saw a message on my phone from Nizam @ Knizy “Ride to Raub, rv at Gombak 10.45am”… Such tight timings as I had to drive the wife to somewhere at 10-ish that morning.  Anyway, done my chores for the morning and was ready to ride around 10:45am….  So, rode I did!

the rv @ BhP Gombak

Knizy was already at the place, together with two other acquaintances from SBM ~ Shakir88 and OteQ881.  Jeffmoon wanted to join this ride but had some personal matters to attend to at the eleventh hour.  So, after a quick drink at the restaurant there, we headed out to Raub.  Ohhh… forgot to mention why we headed to Raub.  Superyan and his Ipoh gang is riding the new Cameron Sg Koyan route and we are the welcoming party, sort of  🙂

OteQ881 – while we were waiting for superyan and gang

Right around 1:00pm we were already at the promised meeting point in Raub – the Petronas station just outside Raub town along the Raub-Sg Koyan road.  It was a good half hour wait when rumblings of more than twenty bikes made their way into the premise.  After everyone filled up, and shook hands, we headed to the lunch place, some 300 metres away.

Everyone had nasi ayam + sirap limau @ RM6 !

There were 30 orders of nasi ayam and sirap limau!  Normally this makanplace have hosts of dishes  But it was already almost 2:00pm, and all the other dishes was “sold out”.  So, nasi ayam it was – easy and quick.

Next on the agenda – solat!  So the group made our way to a nearby masjid. While there, these local kids were very excited with the big bikes… one even went back home to take a camera and they happily snapped many poses!

malu malu pulak!

The plan for Superyan’s group was to visit a newly opened bike accessory outlet in Kelana Jaya.  And it was around 3.30pm when we left Raub…. for a ruffly 45mins ride back.  However, nature played tricks on us.  It rained heavily as we reached Genting Sempah…. and all was wet… wet.. and wet…

Few riders was way behind, thus we waited for more about half an hour at this “under the bridge” just before Gombak toll

Everyone arrive at the shop safely, but a bit soaked!  The shop-owner prepared drinks (bottled water) plus some kueh (kek pisang).  It was really a pleasant gesture!  Thanks Jazakallah..

IXS Motorcycle Fashion – just behind Kelana Jaya Post Office.

6:30pm – all parted ways… it has been a quite a long and wet day for the four of us.  And it would be a much longer day for Superyan and his Ipoh gang!

Swell outing…..  after quite a long rest on my part… 🙂

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