Nite Prowler…

Just one of those things that you know is somewhat crazy, or stupid at the very least… But, your desire and left brain insist that it’ll be fun as it is something new that you’ve never done before. So there I was. In that situation.

When Knizy sms’d two days before, I was with mixed reactions. On one hand it would be fun, I thought. On the other hand, it could be dangerous, for me at least at my “ripe” age in life, to be riding to Awana thru Karak Hiway at nite!

Awana route is popular amongst motorcyclist especially on weekends. I have done but a handful times riding up the twisty highland. I must admit, it’s not my cup-of-tea…. Probably due to the fact that I do not ride that much already nowadays and doing that stretch would demand polished riding skills. That, I lack!

Anyway, there I was arriving at the RV place – BhP Gombak, the usual meet-up place for Awana raiders – on time as promised with Knizy. Already at the place was Knizy with Jeffmoon and another SBMer whom I’ve never met before, Piejo. Minutes later ZackFZ1 arrived.  And after about half an hour later, the last rider whom I’ve not met before as well, Orange or Sham, arrived. I didn’t look at the time but if my calculation is correct, it was almost 11:00pm when we headed out from BhP.

Knizy led the pack of six bikes – Jeff + wifey on ZX10R, Knizy on his Yammy tour bike, ZackFZ1 on Yammy FZ1 of course, Sham on Honda CBR1000RR Rabbit, Piejo on Kawi ZX6R,and of course yours truly on now getting older R1…
When we arrived the peak of Genting at the usual biker’s haunt – the Coffee Bean – it was already 11:30pm. Well we sort if thought that the place would not be crowded. But we were wrong! There were other bikers whom ride nites! I did not count but I’d say there were at least 30 bikes there.
We sat at Coffee Bean for about an hour, having out of this world pricey beverages! (jazakallah Sham for the imported mineral water which cost RM7.50 excluding taxes!!!).

The return leg if this ride was equally scary for me as it was when coming up the peak earlier. The almost 180 degrees bend were challenging snuff but add darkness to all those blind corners… you get nothing less than a high potential spill waiting to happen! Include a sleepy oldie biker on a powerful liter bike to the equation, what do you get? A terrified and knee trembling yours truly!!! … hahahaha…

Anyway, Alhamdulillah all went well.  I did it! I overcame my fears, though not 100%… to embark on what turned out to be most fun experience. And to top it all, I made two new biker friends!!!

Reached home just slightly after 1:30am… tiredness from earlier tonite is gone… due to satisfaction with this new experience I guess….


One thought on “Nite Prowler…

  1. Salam Hj Sabri. Sy baru naik awana minggu lepas, tolak dr BHP kol 0030, lepak kt Sri M’sia. turun bwh dlm 0300, pastu pit stop jap kt tol gombak. sampai umah dlm 0400. puas!

    Zul Oren

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