“Ji, jom pergi Krabi” invited Azli as we drove from USJ to KL Sentral.  It was the day I finally found time to replace the worn out tyres from my bike.  Azli was kind enough to meet me at Ah Liang’s shop – my first time there – to get the tyres replaced.  My wife and dotter delivered the tyres in our car, and in return I, accompanied by Azli drove them to KL Sentral, and immediately after back to the workshop.

Three weeks later, we were on our way to Krabi!  Would you believe that this is my first cross-border ride?  🙂   And how could I have done this without my riding buddy Hj Nizam…  Immediately after getting that invite, I called Nizam whom sounded unsure of joining the ride.  Right to day prior to the “D-Day”, he seemed to have reservations.  But, alhamdulillah on Friday, he made it to Ah Liang’s workshop just before noon to have his bike serviced and tuned up.

The itinerary was, Friday 6:30pm meet-up with all ride paricipants at RnR Sg Buloh – ride to Prai and spend the nite there.  All fuelled-up, our pit-stop would be Simpang Pulai (170km roughly) for topping up. It rained as we approached Kuala Kubu Baru area…. and it rained heavily at some stretches along the way until our first pit stop at Simpang Pulai…

Met Fellow SBMer, T.A, on a solo ride to somewhere...

The thing about this particular ride was that I didn’t really know the whole itinerary!  It was just “lets ride to Krabi from 19th to 21st… leave on Friday after office, stopover at Penang, leave early Saturday Morning and come back on 21st..” And I initially took for granted that Friday was 19th Mar…. so, I did not apply for any leave at all!  Ah well… by the time we were on our way, it was all-or-nothing kind of deal.  And, Hj Nizam also had the same impression…. that we would leave Krabi on Sunday!

The group decided to stop for dinner at Gunung Semanggol rest area…. plus another fuel top up.

When we arrived Prai, it was already midnight…. Hj Khalili, our chef-d’misson, had arranged for a homestay for us to rest… but, it wasn’t until after 1.00am did everyone turned in.   And, as instructed, all was ready in time the next morning!

~ Sesudah Subuh ~

So, as planned, Saturday morning at 7.00am, all was ready to roll!

The first stop for the day was Gurun RnR.  At first, the plan was to have breakfast there.  But it was overcrowded, so we decided to just fill up our tanks here, then head out to Changlung for our food.

Hj Khalili with Hj Nizam at Gurun RnR

Azli and yours truly after fueling up at Caltex Gurun

Around 10.00am or so, we reached Changlung.  The roadside restaurant, or kedai makan, offers more than just breakfast.  Since it was laready close to noon, everyone had rice.  I had rice with gulai itik… delicious!

plate emptied!

Bellies full.  Next, getting the documentations in order.  Insurance for our bikes are required.  And if the bike is not under our name, we need to have an authorization letter from the “owner” as listed in the bike’s registration.  Otherwise, the Thai customs could give us some problem.  There has been instances where bikes were denied entry due to this small issues.  Insurance cost was RM14 (or RM18) depending on which agent or “shop” you go to 🙂  This particualr one charges RM14 and on offer as advertised!

this agent.... highly recommended!

Hj Nizam... all set to go !!!

I am also.... all set !

Brunch done… documentation completed…. Baht exchanged…. all was ready to roll!…

The fuel price in Thailand is much more expensive than here… almost  twice as much!  So, it makes perfect sense to top up to the brim just before hitting the border….

Last fuel Stop in Malaya - at Padang besar

It was already noon when we arrived at the checkpoint in Wang Klian.  The clearance on Malaysia side was swift (didn’t even have to take off helmet!) – just ride through and hand over passport for stamping via “window counter”.  However, the Thai immigration and customs were a wee bit time consuming…

First, passport clearance at one counter.  Then lined-up for bike’s clearance where we need to surrender both bike’s registration card (strangely, a photocopy was accepted) and passport (already stamped at immigration).  Passport clearance, RM2.  Bike’s clerance, RM5.  No receipt.  hmmmmm…….  worthwhile anyways…. 

Bike parked before entering Siam... hv to clear documents first!

… what a view.. 🙂


Clearing all 14 bikes took more than an hour.  All infos on the bike as per registration card were typed into their computer system.  Then, we need to sign in a book once the documentations were done.  Note:  please remember which signature you use – short or long version – as on our exit, we need to again sign out, and the signature have to exactly the same! else, your next trip… trouble! hh

When all bikes were cleared, it was way past lunchtime!  Since we already had our brunch, no lunch stop planned.  next stop would be to refuel… can’t really remember the name of the place, but we re-fuelled, re-charge, and rest for a bit… not to mention lots of drinks and some titbits…

spent over 400bh on fuel... drinks were relatively cheap at this station...

it was really really hot... the shade was... a relief!

this station had a surau! not too shabby eh... 🙂

I think we stopped slightly over half hour there…  this would have been our only pit stop for the journey….  of course, there were a few “wait by the roadside” for the faster riders – so as to make sure everyone was still with the convoy 🙂

All was able to keep up… especially when we came to a few ‘delicious’ twisties.  Tis’ was not such a dull ride after all…

We arrived Krabi late that afternoon.  And after a few wrong turns and and whatnots, we arrived our destination –  Ao Nang Princeville Resort – around 5.00pm local time…

it was a relief to take off all the jackets and gloves... still sweaty!

"so... can we go to our rooms now?"....

I think everyone was glad to finally have a proper rest, and shower, and leg-stretch, and off the bike!  After all, it has been a day long ride covering more than 500km!

The next order of business – makan!  8.00pm local time, we were gathered at the lobby.  Some chose to go on their own, despite our earlier plan to go out as one group.

We decided to walk along the streets nearby our hotel as we were told there are many halal makan place in town..


... hungry.... but still have time to pose 🙂

Hj Nizam, me, Wan, Hj Khalili, Zaki, Nizam & Azli

The roadside stall offered varieties of food.  But, ordering was a bit of a challenge in the lingo department.  But, we managed… through sign language, and through description to one of the workers whom speak very minimum English.

That was our night… after dinner, headed back to hotel… back to our rooms… and catch up on our rest!


four star rating for the room and service !!!

Sunday morning, breakfast started at 7.30am at the hotel’s cafe.  Thumbs up for their variety and deliciousness!  The omelet were especially nice… 🙂  After breakfast, some wanted to experience island-hopping while some opted to rent-a-scooter and explore the town.  Me… I chose the boat ride!  For RM100 per pax, it was a rather refreshing experience.


nice boat!

.. mrs Jeff, Rudy and Jeff... amongst others... 🙂

adoiya... lupa plak nama rider Duc Monster tuh... grrrrr

snorkelling was really just for the sake of snorkelling...

our boat ride guide... Mr Abdul Hadi... fluently speaks Malay loghat Kedah.

The “Four Island Hop” set us back three quarter of daylight…. by 4.00pm, we were back at the hotel.  Rudy whom bunked together with me and Hj Nizam was feeling  abiy hungry…. so, we headed out again in search of some light meal before the group dinner later that night.


..took a bike-taxi this time... 20bh per person... ok lah....

Well… later that night, after group dinner (at a different makan place than the first night), we wandered around nearby this town called Ao Nang Beach Town on the scooters rented by those who didn’t go for the boat ride.  RM20 for 24 hours per scooter…. cheap!


Group Dinner... (pics from Azrena Mahmud's FB)

the rented scoots.... (pics from Mdm Azrena's FB)

Monday morning, 6.30am we were ready for the return leg of this trip.   Breakfast started at 7.00am.   A bit of this, a bit of that…. taking pictures…  lube-ing the chains.. etc… close to 8.00am… we bid goodbye to Princeville Resort and Ao Nang beach….


lube-ing the chain...


Group photo b4 leaving.... (pics from Azrena Mahmud's FB)

Nothing much on our return leg.  We made three pit-stops… for fuel and leg-stretch.  Before 2.00pm Malaysia time, we arrived back at the checkpoint.  The passport clearance on Malaysia side was a wee bit longer than before… Otherwise all was smooth as Thai silk.



cak !!!

Hj Khalili... our main organising Chairman and committe... 🙂

one besides the road! ~ in Perlis...

If I recall right, it was almost 3.00pm when we arrived at Changlung, stopping for lunch.  This was also to be the last place where the various group – from Penang, and KL – would last meet… Thus, after lunch we bade goodbye…


Azli... and Sham (back)... also SBMers...

Hj Nizam, Zaki, Azli, and me plus Din and wife rode back to KL, only stopping at Tapah RnR for dinner and rest… plus a bit of repair to Din’s Caponord leaky clutch…


Tapah RnR.... it was getting late...

We arrive KL around midnight…. all went their own way home.  Hj Nizam, as always when we ride together, continued his journey back to JB !

Alhamdulillah…. everyone from this trip arrived back to their homes safely that night…  A very fun and enjoyable ride indeed!

Long distance ride?  This is really long distance!  🙂

Approximately 1800km round trip…


5 thoughts on “Krabi

  1. The Aladdin Tea pot and Ikan Keli Darat story have been sensored from your blog by pihak2 yang berwajib…he he. Lain kali ambik cuti panjang skit, boleh overnight sebelum balik the same day. Jauh tuuu….

    • bro Nuar… insyaAllah lenkali kita ride sama2 lagi… extended weekend + sehari dua cuti tambahan… Koh Samui? 🙂

      The “teko ajaib”, will be remembered by all “Krabi Raiders”… 🙂 It was one of the best moment of the trip that “teko ajaib” episode…..

    • Zam…. blom cukup panjang dan belom ada umphhh utk tahap novel… 🙂 neway, terima kasih kerana singgah wordpress saya nih…

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