… different folks, different strokes….

After so many years of riding together, Dahlan still manage to spring new surprises!
While kids nowadays look for smooth road surfaces, old dogs such as us don’t really mind the rugged pot-holed narrow country roads – as long as they are twisted!  Quite the contrary, the gritty old-school road is the fun generator in any bike ride.  Old school in the sense that engineers hose day doesn’t really give much considerations on gradual turning radius nor in road gradients.  These are but some of the elements that teach us about road riding! 

Every now and then, Dahlan would take us through routes that would remind us why we ride superbikes….  This day, 25th april, it was the Raub-Benta-Jerantut old road.  And a s a warm up, we were led through the old Bentong- Raub route…. brought jitters to few of us that day…. 🙂 

Dahlan and his two buddies – Hanafiah + Baki – were already at BHP Gombak when Nizam and I arrived.  And by chance, two of my acquaintances from SBM – Knizy & Azli – arrived while we were getting ready to start.  Their plan was to go on the usual Karak town (for Nasi Lemak) ride…. but decided to tag along with us… our destination?  still blurry as we set off at about 9.30am! 


There were dozens of bikers at this popular RV location that morning.   Every group with their own ride agenda.  For us ~ Dahlan, Hanafiah, Baki, Nizam, me, Knizy & Azli ~  the destination was Benta and back… or Gua Musang and further North… whichever the leader of the pack take us… 🙂 

It was a sweet smooth ride on Karak hiway all the way to Bentong.  Four riders arrived Bentong junction, followed by Knizy & Azli…. but Baki seemed to have been missing.  Dahlan decided that we should push on and wait for him to catch up at the next pit-stop.  Baki caught up just as we exited Bentong – just in time for our nasi lemak pitstop. 

Nasi Lemak, Meehoon, Telur sparuh masak etc.... 

The late breakfast was nice.  Since some of us met for the first time today, it was an ice-breaker session as well.  After a good makan, we were off.   The group exited the main Bentong-raub road, making a detour through the old roadway…. it was to be a warm-up leg, according to Dahlan 🙂   As we swerve left and right on the winding road, I can’t help but think about the fun I’ve been missing from not doing more of this casual ride.  The frequency, for me, has been far too wide apart… at an average once a year!  This is sad  😦   

 However, its good to be back…. the twisties were indeed a warm-up session for me…. and few others as I learned later… 🙂   As we got back to the main route, it was already Raub… and we stopped for feulling… and a breather… 

..err.. what time is it?

.........me & Nizam.........

Raub re-fuel stop was the last pitstop before we reach our destination for the day…. From Raub, we headed  North, making a right trun at the Benta roundabout…  This route would take us to Jerantut…. and would demand full concentration, plus total energy in flexing every muscles and joints in our body…. I would rate it as “wooohoooooo!” on the excitement scale while it has to be “aiyyyooooooooo” on the skills-tester scale.  I mean, the twists and turns, the blind spots, the undulating surfaces, the kampungs, the sands and gravels on the pavement, the short corners, the… you name it, its there kinda of thing—- at least from my mind as I battled to keep my rubber on the tarmac and my mind’s concentration at bay!   Ah yes…. the wer few overshots and few “alamaks!” along the way… But all-in-all, “we have to do this again guys!!!!” 

end of the "twisters" ~ arrived in Jerantut already lorrr......

So, naturally, next thing to do is to find some drinks…. everyone was totally dehydrated!   So, we made our way to the town centre…. Gerai Majlis Perbandaran Jerantut, or something like that  lah… 🙂 

the bikes on this ride

ole' buddies.....

 We spent.. errr.. rather rested for a bit at the gerai majis perbandaran…. some had a light lunch (that would be Knizy & Nizam), while the rest just had drinks…. few glasses each… Need to recover the lsot H2O… 🙂   By around 1.45pm or so, we headed out and stopped at a nearby Petronas for re-fuelling as well as solat…… 

solat in leathers..... guess no more excuses for bikers eh???

 By the time we were ready to leave the station, rained poured heavily.  But, as always, rain is no deterrent…. so we went ahead to continue with our return leg of the ride. 

rained heavily.... and we're all set to vroommmm... 😀

 It rained almost all the way…. darn heavy while we were making the Jerantut-Temerloh route.  At some points visibility were merely feets away…. But as we hit LPT, rained simmered down a bit with occasional dry stretch.  As we reached Bentong toll, hanafiah seemed to fall back and was left behind by the group.  Dahlan decided to stop at Janda Baik while waiting for Hanafiah whom arrived some ten minutes or so later.  As we parked infront of the restaurant near BHP Janda Baik, Hanafiah showed the problem that his bike sustained –> rear-wheel bearing was damaged, rendering his bike wobbly….  That was why he slowed down earlier! 

It was already 4.00pm or so then… and well…. everyone was cold and hungry.   While having nasi goreng, kueytiaw, soup etc…. few calls were made to arrange for MV Agusta’s transportation. 

what's left? the drench stimulated our appetite...

 By the time we finished eating, the tranpsor arrived… in the form of lori lembu!  Well, it belong to  a friend of a friend (to Hanafiah) … and it was quick  to get here… so, who’s complaining?  🙂 

sekali mcm lembu masuk kandang daaa.....

Knizy giving a boost…….

Doc-G giving a final check and ispection.... "all a-ok!!!"

everyone was happy...... "all set!"

It was a rather quick “operation” and Hanafiah swiftly left on the truck.   The rest of us immediately after shook hands and started our engines.  It was already around 5.30pm.  This would be our last stop for the trip.  Dahlan would be heading to his home in Putrajaya;  Nizam, as always, will be riding solo all the way to Johor Bharu (whom arrived at 9.30pm);  while Knizy (whom by the way is also Nizam), Azli and me will be going back to our homes in Shah Alam/Kelang.  I arrived home at @ 6.30pm… guess everyone else will be home around this same time… 

Didn’t set the mileage to measure the distance covered today… but it was an average distance on the ride-route scale.  The ride duration is rather mild as we did quite a fe long pitstops…. the satisfaction level… what can I say…. as always, Dahlan route-planning is commendable!  This Gombak-Bentong-Raub-Benta-Jerantut-Temerloh-LPT-Gombak route is one that any budding riders should put in his/her wish list, if not yet there.. 🙂 

we started at BHP Gombak @ 9.30am.... reached Jerantut @ noon....

Notable, I made a new friend on this ride…. bro Hanafiah Nasir… first time met and ride together today. 

Hanafiah.... a wise and great guy!

After so many years, met up with Baki again… our last ride together was… errr.. a very long time ago! 

Baki - cool person...

Ride together for the first time with Azli, whom I got to know from the forum SBM for a while already…. 

Azli - my SBM buddy...

 Another good friend that I came to know through SBM….. 

Knizy - his name is also Nizam... 🙂

My closest buddy and regular riding partner…. of course 

Nizam ~ an ole' buddy.... inspirational dude!

Last and definitely not least, ketua ajaran songsang kiterang…. 

Dahlan @ Doc-G..... a great mentor.

Cheers !!! 


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