Apai got hitched!

Saturday, 11th July.   What a day it has been!  I guess it was the most gratifying ride yet this year… not to mention muscularly challenged!

Well, Saturday morning was greeted by a heavy downfall at my home.  Of course I was really really worried.  It has been a very long while since I rode, really ride, with the Doc…err… Dahlan.  The last time we rode together was in September 2007 !

Dahlan the Doc (left) an otai and an old friend....

Dahlan the Doc (left) an otai and an old friend....

Anyway, the rain stopped around 7.30am.. alhamdulillah!  So, I headed out towards Sungai Buloh Jejantas RnR, the RV place. Arrived there just on time, 8.00am….  First oder of business… fuel-up.  Then meet up with the group… all unfamiliar faces ~ four of ’em (Zul-K1, Hidir-ZX10, Zaidi-929 & Nizam-CBR1000 )~ except for Dahlan.  Ordered teh-o, and joined the guys for a quick breakfast.  Half an hour later, we were off… 

at Sg Buloh RnR ~ Dahlans Fireblade at the fore....

at Sg Buloh RnR ~ Dahlan's Fireblade at the fore....

With Dahlan, sometimes we don’t know what await us…. and this time, he led the group through a short hiway excursion exiting into Rawang.   It was a rather busy stretch the Rawang Tanjung Malim trunck road.  Lots of lorries and cars… so, just shy of reaching Kuala Kubu Baru, we exited into the hiway again… Strangely its a relief to be on the straight road for a change… hehehehe….

Pitstop at Tapah RnR - what a relief... was holding water for a while :-)

Pitstop at Tapah RnR - what a 'relief'... was "holding water" for a while 🙂

Straight hiway road?…. Not for long…. a surprise (for me at least) when Dahlan exited into Tapah and we rode the old route to Cameron Highland!  Short blind corners plus uneven and bad road surfaces…. what an experience!  And as long as I’ve been in this riding business, this is is my maiden ride on this one of its kind route!  Well… it was exhiliration and adrenalin rush to the max… and what a relief it was when we arrived the pit stop at Lata Iskandar…. 🙂
cant imagine people actually mandi in he cold water...

can't imagine people actually mandi in the cold water...

 Dahlan and me had an ‘okay’ nasi lemak here…..  🙂

bikes lined up just besides gthe nasi lemak stall

bikes lined up just besides the nasi lemak stall


 Met with an old friend from my BNG days here – Shahril…  Well, that’s that….. after a good teh-0 and such, we continued through yet another stretch of short blind corners and with lots of lorries, tour busses and cars… and the road surface….. hmmmmmm 😦  And when we arrived at the next fuel-up pitstop at Ringlet… it was almost heaven!  Arms and legs (in fact whole body) really deserve the rest!

Pit Stop at Ringlet....

Pit Stop at Ringlet.... L-R: the Doc, Nizam, Zaidi & Hidir

the guys discussing... something.. :-)

the guys discussing... something.. 🙂 L-R: Zul, the Doc, Zaidi & Hidir

 After  this pitstop, we continued our journey only to be drenched!  Yupp it rained (yet again for me) in Cameron!  It was darned cold… plus the congested Tanah Rata & Berichang really was a bummer!   Anyhow, the group pushed on all the way to the Simpang Pulai Hiway only to stop at the Green View Garden farm…  After a glass of hot tea… and when it was time to continue or “long and winded” journey, the rain seemed like it has stopped.. but the road surface was still wet… so, most probably the ride down to Simpang Pulai would be a mild one…. and it was indeed… as it drizzled on and off along the way…

But Allah is great!  Ten minutes or so later, rained totally stopped, and the road was dry (relatively)…. so… everyone started to push it a lil’ bit…. including me… hehehehe….. i’d say we covered a good distance in the dry…. I for one am pleased and contented!

Oooppppsss… alamost forgot.  This ride’s objective was actually to celebrate Apai’s (Faizal) wedding at his parent’s home in Kuala Kangsar.   We arrived his place at around 3.00pm…. still wet in certain places.. 🙂   An were told that the ceremonies were just over….

Apai all suited up  :-)
Apai all “suited” up 🙂

 Lucky for us food were still served!

a swell kenduri... and equally tasty food!
a swell kenduri… and equally tasty food!

 To Apai… semoga ikatan ini diberkati Allah dan berkekalan jua….

Apai & his wife....
Apai & his wife….

 We spent a good 45 minutes at Apai’s place… then moved along to the Masjid in town (near MCKK).  Zul had a chance to work on his lighting problem ~ it was not working all the way… turned out to be a connection malfunction on the switch.. he got that repaired without hassle….

Zul working on his K1 lighting problem
Zul working on his K1 lighting problem
at Tapah RnR South Bound
at the Masjid

 After solat jama’ awal, and lazing around… just as the jemaah performed solat asar, we were off.  The journey back was a rather ‘boring’ and ‘sleepy’ one… So, we stopped at Tapah RnR for a drink…. and re-fuel…

at Tapah RnR South Bound
at Tapah RnR South Bound

 Then…. all the way back to KL.  Arrived Sungai Buloh Jejantas RnR at 8.00pm.  After an almost normal chit-chat and a cuppa… we bid adieu to head to our respective homes…. Some in Putrajaya, some in Gombak and some in Bangi… I am the only one in Shah Alam….

Till my next ride…..  🙂



2 thoughts on “Apai got hitched!

  1. Bro Sabri, been sitting at this shopping mall reading ur blog
    for almost 2hrs while my wife shops.
    Didn’t expect this side of you.
    Really enjoyed ur intresting stories with nice pics along.
    So our friend ex colleague Nizam is also ur kaki biker.
    Well I’m next …kalau dijemput lah.
    Hope to see more write up …Beareye…bye

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