As Slow As It Gets….

Don’t know if it’s directly proportionate to the ageing process. Not sure if it has anything to do with lack of anything… but, my riding ‘spirit’ is getting slow. And it is at its lowest level!

Anyhow, today, I rode with two of my forummer-friends from  SBM.  Short and sweet ride to Karak town for a late breakfast.   My second ride with Nizam @ Knizy (on his 954 – rides like a lightning bolt!!) .  While its our first ride together for me and Lan @ akulee on his ’06 1000RR.

Nothing much (and no pics) to brag about except for my getting spooked on a corner with some contruction on the side… alhamdulillah I survived that albeit a bit of jitters and adrenalin over-rush…

It was a rather long breakfast (for the record, I had nasi kerabu… a nice one)… over an hour spent at that stall on the right just before going into Karak town…  not many bikers know or frequent the place yet.  Food here? excellent!  Better than the “nasi lemak” place opposite the Masjid in Karak ~ according to Knizy….


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