Santai & Ziarah ~ Kerteh

Yet another SBM ride.  It all began HERE (Click larrr).  I thot it would do some good to partake in this ride…. and really it was a rather santai ride… a big group… some with wife (and kids – of course they drove).

Anyway, I missed the ‘flag-off’ at BHP @ Gombak Tol, by few minutes…   Did a bit of a catch up and only met the group (the tail end) somewhere on the LPT.

All was well…. until the convoy reached the last (Jabor) exit (into Kuantan)… the convoy leader, Azizi @ Ayambren spilled.. with some pretty worrying injuries for his wife and him. 

Alhamdulillah… both hubby & wife were ok (wife transported to Kuantan GH).  Azizi led the convoy until Kudir’s house and he (driven by Kudir’s brother, Shark) later went to the hospital and was admitted together with the wife. 


The rest of us continued on our mission ~ to visit a fallen  fellow biker’s widow & family in Kerteh…. At this pit-stop in Kerteh, I met Ghojih – childhood friend whom I’ve not met for quite  along time…

The host was kind enuff to privide food for the group… and we started this visit with a simple doa selamat by an invited ustaz

A group photo is in order….

After that, most of us stopped over in Kemaman’s Aziz Sata restaurant.. of course for the sata party!  While many ended the day’s ride for an overnite in Kuantan… me with six other riders (Shamsrad, CikguK5, Lonetrekkie, Whitemonster… hmmm cannot remember whom else…), headed back to KL late that evening…

Swell event… kudos to the organizers!


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