my biking life…

As far back i can remember, i am a bike-crazed son of a biker. My ayah use to carry me and my big brother abemel on his honda C50, his Honda Benley and his honda c70.  I could not recall the ‘nombor plet’ of the others, but the last one was DA5530.  That c70 was to be the first bike that I get to play with. I was in std 5 then (10 years of age!). When I reached 12, I was doing wheelies on that bike.  And it was the only means of transportation for our family then. yuppp…my ayah could not afford a car… well he got a car a couple of years later ~ a cool Fiat 600 with two doors that opens the wrong way! but ayah would still ride the c70 despite having the car, which we only use during weekends on the trips ‘balik kampung’ to my tok-ayah’s home in Pasir Puteh.
After a while (I think it was after three years), ayah could no longer tolerated the frequent stops that the Fiat made due to overheating. He sold the sweet little thing to Paksu-Li (now gemulloh) whom would later see the car caught fire and burnt itself to oblivion!  Well, ayah got a 3rd generation Corolla 1.3 which served the family for more than a decade after that…. I still remember how mom (mek) cried silently in her room when we sold the car in 1995… so much memories with that yellow corrola…. the cars that came after that for ayah and the family are just cars… not much stories in them. If and when i have the time, i will relate stories on the Fiat as well as the corolla WN1433.
As for bikes, i grew up having only to love and admire for these things on two-wheels. By the time I went to secondary school, I was already an ardent “biker”… the minute ayah got back from school (he was a teacher), the kapchai was mine… sometimes until late at nite.  Hanging out with Lias on a newer C90, Matmin also on similar c70 and Zakiwong on his dad’s butirnangka bike..can’t quite remember the model of that honda but it is similar to the benley, i think it was 100cc. we ‘rampaged’ the kampung and the beaches –> bukit keluang and air tawar were our favourite haunts. but, i guess we spent more time trying to damage the bikes thru wheelies. yuppp… it was the era of the scramblers, but couldn’t afford one! so our parents‘s bike became our scramblers! did i mentioned i damaged the front suspension of ayah’s c70 at least twice? hmmmm… ayah didn’t know i was the one who did it ~ all he said was “pomen aper nih, tukar barang kodi…”… hehehehe
when i was offered admission into menara gading, i demanded for a scrambler of my own from ayah. “kalau tak beli, tak mahu belajar!”, or something in that order was how i ‘blackmailed’ ayah into buying me my first ever bike ~ the Suzuki TS100 scrambler. Looking back, i should have waited a few more months, as after i got the scram, yamaha came out with the enduro 125 with rear monoshock. shoooootttt…. that was cooler than my ugly-looking scram! te2542 was my faithful companions all the way until i graduated and i even used it to commute to work which i landed immediately after my final exam (the results weren’t even out yet, and i aready got a job ~ with jabatan parit and taliair some more!
but how difficult it is now to find jobs….
Well.. after getting into the rat race of working life, the biker in me almost took a sideline. I fancied buying big bikes (at the time it was the era of 350LC, the X7,and the likes) but buying a car was more practical.  And saving for the next stage in life was also more important…. and that would be getting hitched 🙂
That, in a nutshell how my biking life started.  My big bikes era came a bit later… after my 4th child… 🙂  And that’s another story altogether…


Jan 2009, the R1 my new ride...

Jan 2009, the ’06 R1 my new ride…


Jan 2016, the 2012 GSA ~ courtesy of Haji Nizam.

The early years.




Technically the 97 fire blade was my first super bike 🙂

Had this bike until 2009 when I reluctantly let her go…


The Fireblade in its original color ~ repainted to yellow black after a spill 😦

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