Ride Tukar Haluan

8 September 2007

“Ride Tukar Haluan” ~ as dubbed in SBM

Supposedly ~ Gombak – Karak – Raub – Gua Musang – Pos Blau – Cameron- Simpang Pulai – Rawang

Lemme seee…..  my last ride was also with SBM –> the Patin trip sometimes in March this year.  And although SBM had since organised a number of trips, I wasn’t on the riders’ list as I was a bit preoccupied with some other things 🙂

It all started, vaguely, when Azizi (a.k.a ayambrand in SBM) whom travels a lot indicated doing a ride before the Ramadhan month.   And I was quick to enlist into the riders’ list!!   So, he initiated a ride plan KL – Gua Musang – Cameron to take place on 8th Sept…

The final roll-call that morning consisted of twelve riders – without Azizi! Fate has it he was called for duty that day, so the riders met up at Gombak RV place without the ride organizer, leaving the designated ‘penggawa’ – Drifter – to take charge.  No one seems to know the route, so I volunteered to lead the pack…hmmmm…


At around 0930hrs,  the 12 riders started this epic journey : from SBM: Drifter, 1R1, Gmie, AziziR1, ShamSRAD, Nordin “Rosyam Nor”, Isma & me with four non-SBM members (my friends): Dahlan, Nizam, Nuar & Hadi.  Except for Dahlan whom hails from Bangi, the other three of my friends are from JB – and they began their journey that day at 0400hrs! trudging rain from JB to KL.

As the pack arrives the tol gate in Bentong, all were smiles as the weather was wonderful, the Karak Hiway was smooth and the ride was awesome!  As advised to the group at the start of this ride, I would be taking them through the Sertik/Mempaga route in an effort to bypass Bentong & Raub town.  Little do I know this fated route would bring about mishaps to the riding posse…..

Dahlan aka Doc-G smelling the burned exhaust on Nizam’s bike after ‘rempit-ing’ on the hiway..


The stretch from the toll gate to Sg Dua was as exhilirating as the KL-Bentog run…  Again, it was laa smiles when we arrived at the turn off of Sertik/Mempaga.  This route would eventually take us to Raub (just after the busy town area) and further to Gua Musang.

bikes lining up just before exiting Karak Hiway into the rural route of Sertik/Mempaga


However… alas me.. all my fault…  I took a wrong turn half way along the route!  Instead of taking the Felda Krau junction, I led the group towards Lanchang (which would take us right back to Bentong-Kuantan road!).   And the first mishap came-a-visit the convoy when AziziR1’s bike slippery front deny him control and took him into the roadside drain!  As a result, apart from all the broken plastics, his bike’s front tyre was puntured badly and rendered it useless (as opposed to tubeless? hehehehe….)

The nearby neighbourly locals were very nice…. ‘jus oren’ were served… and AziziR1’s spirit were high throughout the whole ordeal… bravo bro!!!   After the bike was sorted out, ShamSRAD rode the R1, albeit flat front rubber, to look for any nearby workshop.  So, the convoy was in slo-mo on this hot Saturday noon somewhere in Pahang…hehehehe….

We found this workshop, but they didn’t have any TZM tyre (which was needed as a temporary replacement).

Dahlan’s ZX-6R ~ “ini muto champian wooooooo…” as quoted by Drifter…hehehehe…

Well, finally we head towards the nearest town, Lanchang, where the R1 was repaired.  One piece of rear TZM tyre for this bike’s front end, and a “2-tonne” glue to repair a crack in the radiator.

the gang from JB drying off their still damp gears… very spirited riders they were (are…)


And the riders had lunch at a nearby kedai makan….. while waiting for the R1 to be repaired.


After lunch, and the R1 was rideable again, and after a brief discussion on our next steps, the riders split into two groups.  Dahlan & Nordin would accompany AziziR1 returning back to KL, while the other nine riders would push on the journey.  Despite the long way ahead of us, everyone was ready…. I supposed….  and a number of SBM members from the Northern region were waiting for us in Cameron Highland.

However, somewhere within the Krau area, two more riders met with unfortunate incidents – both spills while taking corners but at two seperate locations.  Not too sure who was first, but Drifter’s Hayabusa sustained minor scrathes when he chanced upon loose sand at a bend somewhere near this Krau settlement.  Further ahead, Nuar’s fireblade had a major wrecks when he overshot and landed in the roadside earten drain.  alhamdulillah both riders were ok, not even a scratch o their skins……



Drifter posing with his “kill”…hehehehehe…. the scratches on his bike’s fairing are hardly noticeable from this reduced size pic.. 🙂

Nizam helping out with the not-so-good-shape fireblade…  just so that it’s rideable…

Once the bikes were sorted, the grouped paused… discussed on whether to push onn or to head back.  Nuar, despite his blade was without headlights and badly scathed plastics, wanted to finish the ride.  However, the more sensible Nizam & Sham and the others uninamously voted to make a u-turn.  So, at around 3:30pm, the nine riders headed back…. with mixed feelings…..

We made a brief stop at Lentang where some took a dip in the cold stream of that recreational area.  By 5:30pm, we left that place and rode back, hit by heavy rain as we reached Genting Sempah and all the way to Gombak.

The group parted ways at Gombak toll gate.  I joined Nizam and his two companions all the way to Kajang where we had dinner… the most decent meal from this whole trip (according to Nizam laa…hehehehe….)  By 9:00pm, we left Restoran Yus and headed our ways… Me, back to Shah Alam & Nizam’s gang wereadamant to return to JB despite my repeated offers for them to sped the nite at my place…..



All in all, and despite the sense of discontentment I guess from everyone, I was quite happy with this ride…  why??? hmmm…  the more important outcome from it was that I get to make new friends on top of getting much closer to those I knew nefore this ride….  The experience was priceless, I think….  but the companions ad camaraderie were irreplaceable….


The Fox Catcher Group

(SBM printed t-shirts to commemorate this trip…hehehehehe..)

L-R:  me, G’mie, Drifter, Isma, 1R1, Hadi, Nuar, ShamSRAD, Nizam

Some of us promised to re-visit and finish this “unfinished ride” after the Ramadhan month (Sept/Oct) !!!

So, until the next trip…. keep it safe guys!


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