memoirs of a biker – part 1

Well… not really… hehehehehe… for lack of a better title that I could think of… and with Memoirs of an Invinsible Man flashing in my mind at the moment, that title is fine I think… Now that I’ve done with the title, the harder part of writing is of course… writing!

Acquanitances and friends. That’s should really be the title of this particular blog entry. Why? you might ask. Simple really. As I think back of this passion that I have with bikes and riding, the common denominator would definitely be the people that I came to meet and knew along the way. Some stayed as a one time interface acquaintances; some crossed path again with me in later times; while many became familiar acquaintances and friends.

I guess, as they always say, the best place to start my story would be at the beginning. Or maybe as far back as when I took up superbike seriously. Though I started to ride motor-operated-cycles as early as at the age 10, I think the later years of riding bikes as a part of leisure or hobby would be more meaningful to write about.

It may not be a norm, but I guess many people would start to rekindle their interest or hobby after they are pretty much settled in their livelihood. Getting married, having kids are mostly common form of life’s fulfillment. For some it can be to the extent of owning a house and a lavish car. Well, things are no different with me – after two kids, two cars (necessity as my wife drives to work – but not lavish cars mind you – just your basic ‘national’ car), and a house, I was more or less set up for living or ‘settled’. Thus, when I told the wife that “I’m buying a superbike”, she was full of questions as she was not aware I was into such things. My bad – I never told her that before her, I was crazy about bikes (not girls!). I was after the then ever sought after X7 and LC350; the RG250 (though I only got to ride the RG125F) to name a few. And when it was time to fulfill the manly needs, the bikes took left stage. Girl took limelight.

It was when the family moved to Johor that I met up again with Nizam, my then colleague who already owned a GSXR750WP (or was it WN?). Coincidentally, we rented a house just one lot next to his in Tmn Pasir Putih, Pasir Gudang. So, his bike was staring my ego right in the face! At the time, I was only riding (to the grocery store & surau) a Honda EX-5! Through Nizam, I got to know Ahad whom was riding a BMW1100RT and owning another ZZR1100D1 bike. He loaned me that bike for a number of rides, which only accelerated my return to the biking world. However, before I manage to buy that D1 off Ahad, I was transfered to Pulau Indah, Kelang.

At the same time while I was in Pasir Gudang, Saadon whom was working in the same office building as me was riding a Kawi Vulcan800. We became close almost in no time as a result of the similar interest. And Saadon was instrumental in my buying the CBR900RRV, the bike which I owned until today. And that happen anly after a few months of my move to Kelang.


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Nizam & Ahad during our ride to Melaka – me from KL and them from Pasir Gudang!

At the time, Ahad was associated with a group whom identified themselves as TNB Bikers. Through my friendship with him, I came to know few other friends – Dahlan@Doc-G as well as Faizal @ Apai.

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Apai & Doc-G ~ Banding Ride..

I was quite ‘bored’ without my biking buddies nowhere near. But the information age was booming then in 1999. And with the advanced of the information technology – specifically the net – I was netted into a virtual biking community aptly named Bikers Net Group (BNG). Through this network, I came to know many many friends acquaintances. While most of them do not own big bikes, all were (and still are) ardent enthusiasts of superbikes. These are few of them whom I got to know through BNG and became friends.. good friends…

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Shah (used to ride ZX6R), keyrol (owned GSXR400RR) & salleh (owned CBR600F4i)

below ~ pokleh, still riding his silver 954 & Faizal, sold his SRAD750 not too long ago.

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Those friends from BNG are fabulous! Some have gone ridin’ together with me while some stayed as online buddies. One of the most memorable ride was my first attempt to cross the East-West Hiway (Grik to Jeli). Four bikes set out on this trip, three made it half way (just after Grik) and was forced to return due to the common barriers of any bikers – bike spill!

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Well, it seeme like it was only yesterday that these events took place. But a browse through my weblog would always set the time-space right for me…

to be continued…


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