Cameron via Gua Musang

4 Dec 2005

: Shah Alam – Karak – Raub – Gua Musang – Pos Blau – Brinchang – Simpang Pulai – Rawang – Shah Alam :

It has be a quite a long hiatus for me since last I went on a long distance ride. But when Dahlan sms’d me around noon on Saturday, I called him and was told about the ride to Cameron talking place the next day. I was supposed to be in Janda Baik that Saturday with my Gugujah buddies making trails in the hillslopes. But fate has it that my LC-Shorties needed some repairs on the front axle and it couldn’t be made ready for the trip.

Anyway, it was a pleasant fate that I was free for the weekend (discounting the minor fact that the wife had earlier mentioned attending a friend’s wedding on Sunday ~ which she ended up going with the children). Thus plans were made with Dahlan on where to meet and at what time etc.

Sunday 4th Dec 2005, I headed out from my Section 32 home in Shah Alam around 8:30am towards the agreed rv point in Gombak ~ some 40km away. As I stopped to fill petrol in the Caltex station at Damanasara, I received an sms from Dahlan that he arrived at Patronas Bentong for breakfast. Typical of him , I thought to myself…. never could keep to timing. The time was 8:45am and I would have ample time to reach the original rv point at 9:00am. But to be in Bentong in 15mins from Damansara wold be just crazy (for me at least). Thus after filling up, I rode cautiously towards Gombak, got on the Karak Hiway and headed to the new rv place. At about 9:20am, I met up with Dahlan, and Abg Man as well as met a new biker friend Azmir.  I ridden with Abg Man on a few occassion before, including the Gunung Ledang Ride.   Grabbed a quick breakfast in the form of sandwich and juice, and we were ready to head out.


Dahlan & Abg Man in serious discussion

Dahlan & Abg Man in 'serious' discussion

the bikes... and Azmir at a distance..

that'll be me.... 🙂

We exited the karak Hiway heading towards Sertik/Mempaga. For those not familiar with this road, the exit is just before Sg Dua town. This narrow and twisty road would take us just after the town of Raub ~ avoiding the hustle bustle of that cramped place. It was a rather exciting route. Though with not much traffic, we needed to be constantly on the lookout for cows and such (dungs included!).   And my bladder was about to burst ~ can’t wait for the next pit stop! ~ which was still far away. Thank goodness we made a stop at Padang Tengku’s Mobil station. The pee was long and gratifying…hehehehe… Few minutes worth of ride later, we made another stop as the two GSXRs wanted to re-fill at Shell.

the gixxers: Abg Man's K3 & Azmir's K5

From Padang Tengku, our next stop was the good ole Gua Musang town. We were just in time for lunch at around 12:20. It was a “well-behaved” ride that we did arriving to Gua Musang. Quite understandably as the road condition was not really conducive for speed riding. Plus, there were two police roadblocks and one speedtrap operations we encountered. But the 350++km stretch was a gruelling one. Not to mention the nice sunny weather was a bit hot especially for the two Gixxer riders whom were in full race suits.

Lunch in Gua Musang

Lunch in Gua Musang

Just after 2:00pm, we were on our way again. Although the route from KL to Gua Musang is very familiar to me, its only through driving cars ferrying the family back to my hometown in Besut,  the route to Cameron Highland is completely new  to me. Signboards indicating the way to Cameron Highlands are plenty and very visible ~ thus no way jose anyone cannot find their way going there from Gua Musang.  After a few kilometres of rural road, we exited to the nice, smooth Gua Musang/Cameron hiway. At some stretch it was double lane, two ways with dividers. At some places, its just single lane without barriers. Either way, the twists and turns and uphills and downs are just fantastic. What’s more great was the little traffic! It was like there were no one else using the road!

the bikes... again... my ole' trusted fireblade...

Stopping to re-feul (and smoke for some..hehehe) at Brinchang town in Cameron, I looked at my watch and was amazed really seeing that it was only just after 3:00pm. We then made our way again towards the new hiway connecting Gua Musang with Cameron and Simpang Pulai. The short turns on the road going into town from the hiway was also very interesting. It was hang left (orhang right!) all the way for about ten minutes or so each way as we head into Brinchang Town and later head out to continue our journey.

Once on the hiway, Abg Man and Dahlan was quick on the gas. Not some distance back Azmir was keeping up with them as I slipped further and further away. I guess the long distance and the long hiatus took its toll on me. Fearing that I would lose sight of the other riders, I pushed a bit more and managed to keep behind the group. Some distance later, Abg Man slipped back while Dahlan and Azmir sped off and out of our sight!  Who could blame ’em ~ the road was superb!   Moa in the meantime played follow the leader with Abg Man all the way until the end of the Simpang Pulai/Cameron/Gua Musang hiway. All four of us were all smiles as we stopped for teh tarik at the Simpang Pulai lay-by.  The ride was almost over, at least for the twisties portion.  Less than two hours left on the North South straight and dull road before we reach home sweet home… We bid each other adios and hope to ride together again sometimes soon.  And we left the rest area just after 5:00pm.  I reached home in Shah Alam at 5mins before 7:00pm ~ in time for dinner.

Mileage clocked: ~ 780km from home round trip. Hours clocked ~ 11 hours (plus minus).  Satisfaction scale ~ priceless…..hehehehe


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