Merdeka 05

30 August 2005

: KL-Seremban-Melaka-JB-Melaka-KL :


Well, actually this wasn’t a ride (where we would be looking for variance in road contour), but more of a trip to JB and Singapore. The ride is from KL to JB and back; while we went into Singapore in a car, or rather a Toyota Estima (Nizam’s).

It has been for quite a while that a few of my biker friends mooted the idea to go to Singapore in a group to either shop for parts and accessories or to check out the bikes scene there. After a long and hefty discussions, we agreed to do a 2 day 1 nite trip to JB and S’pore. For me, I had to go to JB and replace my front tire – though mine was dangerously bald, Nizam ~ my long time friend living in JB ~ has bought a tire from S’pore for me. Thus four of us ~ me, Din7, Hafiz and PokLeh agreed to meet up at Dengkil rest area after work on 30th Aug. Our eventual flag off was delayed by more than an hour, resulting in my appointment with the bike-shop to replace the tire was not met. Nizam had earlier sent my tire to a shop near his home. However, the next day (tho’ a public holiday), the shop owner agreed to open up in the evening for us. I changed my tire, and Din7 bought one in Singapore and changed his as well. The RM50 we paid to the mechanic was not really worthwhile for him in my opinion having to open up just for us! But that’s what makes good service and repeat customers!

My fully utilized tire –> money well spent or plain stupidity ????? 

Day one, ie on 30th Aug, we were supposed to leave KL around 5:30pm. But we can only plan, the rest is Allah’s will. We ended up leaving Dengkil rest area just before 7:00pm. Hafiz who was supposed to be last one to the RV point turned up first with Din7. I was late ~ though I was the one whom insisted to meet up at 5:00pm! ~ but PokLeh had an earlier appointment that he couldn’t re-schedule.

But after a non-stop (except for re-fuelling) ride, we arrived Skudai toll just an hour delayed from planned timing. After about half hour wait (and relaxing those muscles from the pver-streneous ride), Nizam came in his brand spanking new ZX10R to meet us and took us for dinner somewhere near Plaza Pelangi (if I remember correctly lah..hehehe). Three of us ~ me,Din7 and PokLeh ~ spent the nite at Nizam’s while Hafiz made his way to his brother’s house just nearby Nizam’s place. And despite the plan to leave for Singapore early next morning, we ended up retiring at well after 3:00am ~ what with all the bike talks and catching up since its not often we met each other…..

Three Hondas and a Kwak…….

After a big (and I really mean big) breakfast at Nizam’s we were off to Singapore in his Estima. Hafiz came just in time to join us in eating the chicken curry with bread and other nice food ~ thanks to Salmah, Nizam’s wife!.

Enuff words, here’s pics of or trip to Singapore where we visited bike shops and accessories & parts shops :-


Geeez…. Bikes bikes everywhere.. but not a bike to ride………….. They pack new bikes and used bikes…mostly less than 3 year old!
well… one of us has to snap the photo… now u see him/them … Hafiz, Nizam, PokLeh and Din7.
wow!!! so many to choose from……. emmm… take a pic and show the wife first… 🙂
one for the album…. I just can’t made up my mind on which one to buy!

——–> uninamously voted as Jejaka Idaman for this trip <———-



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