8 Feb 04

: KL-Seremban-Tampin-Gemas-Ledang-Jasin-AirKeroh-Nilai-KL :

This ride was a combined effort of my group (the big bikes from BNG) and the Bangi/Seremban bikers. and this is yet another one of Dahlan’s coordinated trip.

Though I could not recall the names of those from Bangi, Kajang and Seremban that joined us in this ride, some of them I have met before in some other trips. I met and got to know Abg Man K3 from this ride.

The riders that I normally hang out that joined this trip were:-

  1. PokLeh on his silver CBR954RR
  2. Saleh on his CBR600 F4i
  3. ZulNasri also on CBR600F4i
  4. Khairul on his Suzuki GSXR400
  5. Hafiz on his black and modified CBR900RRT
  6. Faizal on his powerful Suzuki GSXR750 SRAD
  7. and of course the Doc… Dahlan on his ZZR1100 D1.

Though we enjoyed the twists and turns and all the obstacles of the rural road, I would say the unique experience from this trip would have been the recreational activity at Gunung Ledang (Mount Ophir). No reports here.. just pictures with brief captions……

at Nilai rest area ~ waiting for all BNG riders


met up with Dahlan and gang at Seremban


pitstop… somewhere in Tampin


time to review the ride n such: Zul, Hafiz, Saleh and Pokleh


the bikes.. (well some of ’em)


smile!!! you’re on candid camera…


gears on the rock


riders in the water!


having a cool dip…


moa included…hehehehe..


Doc-G looking at the blade… joined in by Zul


at the time… Faizal really wanted one K3..


The various groups parting ways at Ayer Keroh… This was the end of the highway… exiting at Nilai



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